Causes of pus in the eye of the newborn can be several. To identify them for sure, may require the examination of the eye. However, if pus is allocated a very small amount and the baby shows no other signs of distress, do not hurry to run to the doctor. First check whether simple hygiene rules.

The eyes of the newborn must be maintained in sterility. This means that there should be contact with unboiled water and all other liquids and especially of substances that can enter the eye, flour, pollen, sand, fibers from wool and so on. In any case, purulent eye should be washed. You need to take a thick cotton pad or swab (so it does not leave lint like a regular wool) and dip it in antiseptic solution, to wash their eyes of the baby in the direction from the outer edge to the nose. If there is pus in both eyes, then use one cotton disc for each eye - that is, it is not necessary to flush both eyes with the same drive to avoid transmission. For the same reason you need to use every time a new, unused piece of cotton wool. Rinse eyes baby everytime pus. Also, in order to prevent repeat this process morning and evening.

The main causes of suppuration of the eye in neonates is irritated by instillation into the eyes of the baby sulfacetamide in the hospital; inflammation due to the presence of bacteria; the inflammation of the lacrimal SAC (dacryostenosis, or dacryocystitis).

Antiseptic solutions with festering eyes toddler

For washing the eye newborn use the following solutions:
- decoction of chamomile;
- a solution Miramistina with boiled water in the ratio 1:1;
- a decoction of the tips of branches of Apple sweet varieties;
- decoction of green tea;
- solution furatsilina.

Preparation of solution furatsilina to wash the eye baby

Furatsilin is most available in tablet form. So just take one tablet of furacilin and dissolve it in half Cup of boiled water. Then strain to undissolved crystals tablets not hit the baby on the mucosa. Use only freshly prepared solution.

Tablet furatsilina poorly soluble in water, so before you put it in water, mash it into powder, and then pour the boiling water and let cool.

After washing the eye, it is useful to drip 0.25% solution of chloramphenicol. To do this, pull the lower eyelid baby down and dispense 1-2 drops of the solution.

If pus are not, get tested - strokes to determine the flora and sensitivity, to consult your optometrist. He has to put a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.