Methods of treatment of dacryocystitis

Dacryocystitis is most often sick men of Mature age — 30-60 years, however, it often occurs in newborns. Dacryocystitis in infants usually occurs because the persistence of the embryonic film that covers the lower part of the lacrimal-nasal channel.

Ophthalmologists distinguish the following types of treatments depending on the extent of the disease:
- rinsing freshly brewed green tea;
- the use of drops containing antibiotic (to prevent infection) and anti-inflammatory agent (to prevent inflammatory reaction);
- massage of the lacrimal points that help to open the tear ducts.

How to massage the tear ducts

During the massage the tear ducts must adhere to the following algorithm.

Before you proceed, you need to clean your little one's eyes from purulent discharge. To do this, use a cotton pad soaked in furatsilina solution (at a concentration of 1 tablet per 1 Cup of water), infusion of chamomile or fresh brewed tea.
Irrigate eyes child important in the direction going from the outer corner to the inner, i.e. to the side of the nose. Only after cleaning the eye you may begin to massage the tear ducts.

The tip of your index finger feel the bump on the inner corner of the eye, which is located at the base of the nose. Then set the finger in the same position at the most projecting point of the tubercle. The finger must be directed into the side of his nose. Easy push at this point to remove the film that covers the lumen of the lacrimal canal.

Then push down along the bridge of the nose, not reducing the pressure, moderately sharp and confident movements. It is necessary to open a channel on which and should be the norm to leave the lacrimal fluid into the nasal cavity. She is not leaving due to the presence of partitions, therefore, purulent discharge and lacrimal fluid are directed into the eyes of a child.
Movement during the massage the tear ducts contribute to physiologically correct the passage of fluid into the nasal cavity of the child.

The last movement – reaching the bottom of the nose, without lifting your finger from the skin, slightly loosen the pressure and get back to the starting point. Further manipulation again. This should be done 10-12 times. Do not overdo it, not to stretch the wall of the lacrimal canal is excessively. This massage should be performed 5-7 times a day. Achieving results can take a long time to several months, so please be patient.

In order to best understand how to massage the tear ducts baby, ask of a pediatric ophthalmologist or nurse to demonstrate to you the technique of carrying out this simple procedure.