First, rinse the eyes of his child. Moisten a cotton ball or disk in clean warm water and flush eyes with a single motion, starting from the outer eye and moving toward the inside. For each eye use a separate cotton wool. For washing can be used not only pure water but also light welding (not hot), decoction of chamomile or Bay leaf, sterile saline. Mother-extremists use their own breast milk.
Massage of the lacrimal canaliculus. He performed in the following way: circular motion of fingers massage from edge of nose wing to the inner corner of the eye. Do this procedure several times a day.
Insert the special tool. It is desirable to consult to the specialist, it needs to conduct tests and prescribe medications. Normally children buried drugs such as "Chloramphenicol", "Furatsilinom", "Sulfacetamide" and other. Smear or eye ointments, for example "TOPEX". Carefully read the instructions to the drug before use! Especially pay attention to the column "contraindications", "side effects".
It is very important to drip drops baby. To do this, first prepare the baby. Put it to him on your knees, put your little head. Dial slightly warmed medium in the pipette. Gently pull down the lower eyelid and with a quick movement of his hands drip the medicine in the outer corner of the eye. Do not touch the dropper to your eye to avoid infection!
If to cope with the problem of clogged lacrimal tubules you cannot, contact the children's polyclinic to the doctor, he will clean your baby feeds. The procedure is called "probing", it does not take much time, is painless and not scary.