Replacement timing belt for Chevrolet Lacetti is done every 45-60 thousand miles. It is not necessary to wait until the belt breaks, as it is fraught with the fact that the valves are bent or the cylinder head will be covered with cracks. And it will end with the repairs, which will result in a round sum. Therefore, the maximum mileage the timing belt should be no more than 60 thousand kilometers. If you drive a little, then every two years it is necessary to change it.

For car much better when he goes often. Downtime is detrimental to the fact that all the rubber is dry, covered with cracks. If the timing belt or alternator when starting after a long idle it can quickly be torn. If we are talking about the pipes, when heated, coolant can disrupt the structure of the product, the cracks will turn into a full hole. If the car has stood for a long time in the garage before you start it is best to replace all rubber products including timing belts and alternator.

Check the timing belt

For Chevrolet Lacetti checking the timing belt is to identify defects. These include cracks, cuts, breaks. To get to the belt, you will need to remove the air filter. So you will be easier to remove the plastic cover covering the belt. After this you need to Unscrew the nuts that secure the cover to the engine block. All three cover bolts to the engine.

When jailbroken, you can remove the alternator belt, so it does not interfere with the diagnostics and replacement. After under the left rear wheel install wheel chocks, and the front-right side lift up on the Jack and turn on the fourth speed. Now that you can clearly see the belt, slowly rotate the wheel clockwise. The crankshaft will revolve, so you can see the timing belt, carefully examine it for damage.

Replacing the timing belt

If the life of the belt came to an end, or a strap has obvious damage, it must be replaced. To repair you will need a timing kit, which includes two rollers and a belt. Would be correct if at the same time you change the pump. Once again the movement naturally do not want to climb, and a liquid pump resource a little more than a resource belt.

When you install a new timing belt should pay attention to the label, which is marked on the crankshaft pulley and camshafts. Only after correctly putting shafts on labels you can wear a belt and pull it. Please note that the housing of the pump is also slightly tighten the timing belt. And look at the belt, as it can be, the arrows showing the direction of rotation. If there are no arrows, it does not matter how you install the belt.