Of course, increasing the clearance does not protect when riding at 100%, but still can save you from any treacherous pits or kerb. It should be noted that increased clearance is not cheap, because the procedure is performed by specialists HUNDRED. There are three main ways of increasing ground clearance and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The increase in diameter of the wheels and upgrade the dampers

The first method is the simplest, but inefficient and very costly. Putting on your car wheels and tires of larger diameter, the driver will increase the ground clearance by a few millimeters. For the same to clearance was more necessary to make changes to the design elements of the body. Plus, the use of larger diameter wheels means more load on the vehicle suspension system.

Some craftsmen to increase the ground clearance of your car, upgrade the shocks, sticking between their turns special pads. With this method, though increasing the ground clearance by a couple inches, but significantly reduced stroke of the shock absorbers, making the ride a whole lot tougher.

The use of spacers

The use of special spacers – the most effective and safe way to increase clearance of the car. This method makes it possible to increase the ground clearance by three or more inches, though to achieve good results, without putting strain suspension and the body.

The only drawback faced by most drivers who have installed spacers on your car, is a slight deterioration in handling. You should know that the thinner the spacer, the higher the controllability of the car.

Spacers to increase the distance between the car body and the supports rack can be made of aluminium, polyurethane and the so-called abs plastic. Aluminum spacers offer high strength, but can lead to corrosion if you frequently drive on the road with sand and salt coating.

Most car owners prefer prostavkam made of abs plastic, since this material is durable, does not deform the body, does not cause the appearance of oxidation and corrosion of the components and the car body. In some cases, to increase the ground clearance of the car, spacers can be installed only on the rear wheels.