To find out breast size women, it is necessary to measure two main circles of her body. The first one is the circumference under the chest: with a tape held tightly to the body, should measure the amount of coverage. This parameter is the first value needed to determine the size of the bust.

The second necessary measure is the circumference of the chest. To determine this parameter, you must attach a tape measure to the most protruding points of the chest, which usually have nipples. We should carefully ensure that during the measurement the tape in its entirety was parallel to the floor and does not SAG, since this can significantly distort the measurement results and create difficulties in the selection of underwear.

After getting all the necessary data, you can begin to simple calculations that show what the size of a woman's Breasts. To do this, from the larger result of the measurement, that is, coverage of the chest at the outermost points, subtract the lowest score, i.e. coverage under the breast. The obtained result, expressed in centimeters, is estimated as follows.

So, if the difference in the subtraction ranged from 10 to 11 inches, this corresponds to the zero size of the Breasts. First size are women who have difference between these settings is 12 to 13 inches. The difference is 14-15 inches is typical for the second bust size, 16-17 centimeters of the third, 18-19 cm, the fourth, 20-21 inch - fifth.

Second breast size

Thus, the presence of the second breast size can be stated in women, with the difference between the circumference and bust circumference under the Breasts within 14-15 inches. This means that the second bust size can have women with different body types - from fragile to sports and even dense.

Thus, in order to identify the second bust size, it is not always necessary to make accurate measurements-sometimes in the mind to draw an analogy between a particular woman's bust and some similar in size and shape of objects. For example, experts claim that the second breast size resembles the size of a couple of ordinary oranges. To distinguish it from the first size possible, taking into account that it is usually compared with a couple of apples of medium size, while a third breast size resembles more a couple of grapefruit.