Women's Breasts are perfect size

The belief that Breasts should be large, appears in girls in early adolescence. From that moment, competition in bust size between the young girls, aimed at attracting male attention.

The reason for this behavior lies in the genetically programmed instinct of procreation. Surround the mammary glands at the subconscious level are associated with breastfeeding, therefore, indicates a sufficient quantity of milk, which is an important factor for healthy offspring.

Symmetry and correct proportions are also attractive to the opposite sex, why men like beautiful women's Breasts, the size of which harmoniously conforms to the shape and weight of women.

Clear criteria about beauty of the female body does not exist as an unambiguous male opinions about the ideal bust, but there are certain dimensions of the female breast, which are considered most attractive for men.

How to guess what size women's Breasts, prefers male

Zero size of the breast is considered aristocratic, it gives its owner the elusive charm of youth, emphasizes the indomitable energy and thirst for adventure.

Men who like the size of the female breast, often take a proactive stance and strive to be around energetic and cheerful girl.

The first and second breast size men like a conservative, but ready for brave deeds for the sake of his beloved. These two sizes different elasticity forms, which are perfectly preserved after breastfeeding.

Third dimension breast as the Golden mean. Among men behind the scenes, the bust size is considered the most attractive. The woman with the third breast size doubly attracted to men interested views, and exudes a unique aura of femininity and tenderness.

Fourth the size of the female breast with the right body proportions makes freeze men's hearts and stir up hidden fantasies. Bust of the fourth size allows a woman to be the center of attention of both sexes, causing excitement in men and outright envy in women.

Whatever male fantasies about the female breast, the fair sex, learned how to skillfully adjust the size of their own bust with the help of special underwear and to take such affirmative action as surgery for breast enlargement.