Advice 1: How to roast marshmallows on the fire

Often in American movies you can see gathered around the campfire teenagers, which is roasted over the fire s'mores. If to fry this delicacy, it becomes viscous, slightly melted inside, getting ruddy delicious crust.
American marshmallows
If you try to prepare familiar to us from childhood marshmallows, then it is very likely that you fail. It can be liquid on the skewer and fall into the fire.
This will happen because Americans do not use regular marshmallows, which is known to us from Soviet times, and analogical our marshmallows marshmallows. Cook marshmallows corn syrup or sugar, adding gelatin and a large number of flavors. After the roasting he has caramel, very pleasant flavor, although it is possible to use it without processing. Roasted marshmallows are used as original dessert, decorating them with sweet salads, various pastries and cakes.
What looks like a roasted marshmallow? If American marshmallows to roast on the fire, he blows up and is covered with a crust of Golden color. Inside, is formed of a delicate creamy consistency, the taste is unusual and unique. This is because the composition includes gelatin, marshmallows, whipped flavors, dextrose, sugar or sweetener. From a regular marshmallow, it differs in that it has no applesauce and egg whites.
How to roast a marshmallow properly? For toasted coconut marshmallows, you should be able to stick it on a skewer in a special way. As it has the consistency of stringy, to do so is not easy. To skewer passed in a sweet pad like butter, you just have to heat up the tip of the iron rod.
When frying this delicacy requires patience and accuracy. Marshmallows can quickly ignite and burn, so I can't toast it on the flame in any case. If you increase marshmallow and purchase them Golden brown, remove it immediately from the fire and there, otherwise it may drain from the skewer. Despite its prevalence, marshmallows still difficult to purchase, as the direct name on the packaging is not written.
And yet, is it possible to fry the Russian marshmallows? If you intend to fry plain marshmallow, then it should be done with the help of two skewers with double vigilance. If the surface is found Golden, immediately remove the marshmallow from the fire. Carefully with two fingers to clear the surface on the plate, and the white pad again to submit to the fire. Fry until all the marshmallows melted.
Classic marshmallows is healthier and tastes much better than American marshmallows. Such a wonderful dessert while relaxing around the campfire like everyone, and the process turns into entertaining fun.

Advice 2: How to roast marshmallows on a campfire

Almost every American knows how to roast on the fire delicious slices of marshmallow, or marshmallow, which, for its preparation do not require nothing but wooden sticks, and, in fact, a fire. However, there are other ways of roasting marshmallows.
How to roast marshmallows on a campfire

All about Zephyr

American marshmallow when roasting on the fire swells and is covered with a Golden crust. Inside it has soft creamy consistency that makes it taste unique and unforgettable. Marshmallow is composed of gelatin, corn syrup or sugar, and dextrose and whipped flavors. Unlike traditional marshmallows, it does not contain in its composition of egg white and applesauce.

The name marsh mallow is translated as "marsh mallow", from the root of this plant is used to get a gelatinous white mass of marshmallow.

Small pieces of marshmallows added to desserts, salads, ice cream, and decorate pastries, cakes and hot sweet drinks. There are chocolate, caramel, peanut, colored and flavored marshmallows, which they roast over the fires of Hiking or on picnics. In Russia marshmallows can be purchased in the form of a four-color cylinders, as in the country it is not so common.

Roasting marshmallows

To roast marshmallows over a campfire, you need any wooden stick (will fit even spielmanii twig), a bag of marshmallows and a bonfire. Piece need marshmallows skewered on a stick and gently put it in the fire – but not in the core, and just over the flame. When Zephyr will acquire a nice Golden color, it is possible to pull out of the fire and enjoy the delicious taste straight from the sticks.

Stick when roasting marshmallows on the fire periodically need to turn to marshmallows roasted on all sides.

If you are not able to go on a picnic, and try the roasted marshmallows really want – do not worry – marshmallows it is possible to prepare at home. To do this, heat for thirty seconds of any piece of chocolate, slice of marshmallow and savory biscuits in the microwave. The heated ingredients will pull out and place on one cookie and top cover with second one – you'll have a delicious sandwich with tender chocolate-marshmallow filling.

In addition, small slices of marshmallows that do not contain flavor additives that you can add to your cappuccino, hot cocoa or hot chocolate, with marshmallows which taste even better. Air mini marshmallows under the influence of high temperature, changing its elastic consistency and turn into a wonderful vanilla clouds who love both children and adults.
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