Skewers of fish have very few people can surprise. Try it once, you cannot stop. Makes the perfect fish kebabs for a very short time marinating and cooking. The benefits of such product are endless.

The options can be many, and they do not only depend on what fish to cook barbecue, but also how to cook. Lots of marinades used for giving the fish a different flavour. It should be noted that marinated fish very quickly — from 20 minutes to four hours. Cooking over charcoal takes 2-6 minutes, which can be achieved using a shish kebab from pork, beef and even chicken.

What fish will suit

For barbecue, you can use absolutely any fish. Most importantly, it was fresh and properly selected. Often use such fish as sturgeon, tuna, trout, cod, salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon, salmon. Oddly enough, but red fish is very popular.

Skewers can be prepared from herring, mackerel, river fish. Small fish are perfect for grilling on skewers, but the major better to cook on the grill.

Variants of marinade

The marinade will be chosen, depends on the taste of the finished fried fish. There is an opinion that the salt in the marinade to add is not necessary, as it has the ability to draw out the moisture. As a result, the fish becomes dry, and the taste worsens.

Order kebab was tasty, you can prepare a sauce to it, which will contain salt and other ingredients.

Lemon can also give dryness, but in this case everything depends on the amount. The main thing — do not overdo it. Lemon juice is often used as a marinade for skewers of fish. From lemon juice to mix with the spices, pour the pre-cut 3-4 cm pieces of cleaned fish, mix, compacted and set aside to marinate.

In order not to risk a lemon, you can use pomegranate juice. In this case, the fish is very juicy and tender. Wine is also suitable as a marinade. There are many ways. You need to choose the most acceptable. Mix ingredients of the marinade will give a special taste to the barbecue.

Prepare skewers of fish

After marinating the slices of fish are laid out on a grid or strung on skewers. Then over hot coals would have to hold about three minutes. It is advisable not to overdry the fish, and tender meat cooks very quickly.

No need to wrestle with how to cook barbecue. All very quick, easy and delicious. The main thing — to try. This dish is appropriate for almost any event.