Of course, upon marriage, each partner takes a new life "baggage of memories associated with his past life.

What to prepare for, daring to marry a widower?

In addition to knowledge delicate features grief woman should own some information contained in several rules.

1. You need to take the past and not hide from it. The ideal model of a relationship of this uneasy Union — when a man and a woman conduct a confidential conversation on absolutely all topics, including the experiences of a man grief — the death of his first wife. Showing respect for the experience of drama that happened in the life of the beloved, the woman comes not only noble, but also wisely.

2. You need to accept the memories. If the decision to marry the widower is accepted, you should be prepared for the fact that sometimes the husband is aloud to think about my dead wife. Stupid in this case jealous or to show their displeasure in some other form, because of the memories of the deceased wife's love for you will not diminish.

3. Personal belongings. If we are talking about living together couple, it is necessary to find a compromise in dealing with the sensitive question of the personal belongings of the deceased wife. Naturally, the man is a widower, who cherishes the memory of the deceased, keeps some of her things. But if this fact causes confusion or simply unpleasant current beloved — you should discuss it with her husband, but the action requires caution and commitment is a manifestation of mercy.

4. To set clear boundaries and limits. You need to tactfully make it clear to the man-widower: a woman with whom he plans to tie his future may not be his permanent "vest", but to explain that I share with him his misery. The importance are feelings of both partners and the woman deserves respect and understanding. This is what should be brought to the attention of the chosen one.

5. If you want not to neglect the help of a specialist. Sometimes it happens that the regular onslaught of negativity by the husband added personal irritability, and the woman just doesn't know how to cope with their emotions: on the one hand was an unpleasant constant talk about past life with her husband is innocent, he survived the tragedy and shares his grief. In this case, the woman should seek help from a psychologist, because the issue is quite sensitive and family conflict on its soil threaten the subsequent distrust from the husband.

Some women who are in a relationship with a widower, not in a hurry to get married due to the reluctance to be constantly compared to the deceased first wife of the elect. And for someone life of the beloved and does not matter. So women need together with her husband to create new memories, through which he realizes that life is not ended but rather just begun. Near new woman.