Triyodtironin and clenbuterol

Triyodtironin very well accelerates the metabolism and clenbuterol (anticatabolic allows you in such tough conditions to retain muscle tissue while effectively acts on beta-receptors of the body, thereby accelerating the burning of fat in the tissues. But still, it's not the safest circuit, it is possible to make abandonment of one's own hormonal system to produce T3 and all life to sit on tablets with its artificial analogue), but all of the available drugs is the most effective bundle.

Yohimbine and clenbuterol

A lot of people are very positive about this bundle. Bad yohimbine blocks alpha-receptors in the body, which prevent the fat loss, and clenbuterol on the contrary, it stimulates a good beta-receptors. We get that situation where the wolves are fed and the sheep intact. The slimming process is substantially accelerated.

ECA (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin)

Probably one of the best "pre-workout" combinations in the "drying". But, unfortunately, he's an outlaw on the territory of the Russian Federation, because the "ephedrine" is prohibited. It is possible to contrive to buy bronholitin (20 ml bronholitin + 2 caffeine pills + half of one aspirin), but it's not quite what I need.

What if you combine all at once?

This is a very bad idea. You start of heart problems, pressure and General condition, because many of these substances affect the Central nervous system, the release of adrenaline, alpha - and beta-receptors, redox processes in cells. 1-2 drug is still valid to control. If more, then it's like playing Russian roulette. That's just silly.

And better and to refrain from the use of special accelerators for drying! I have long been convinced that they have a "temporary effect", that is only work while you use them, and then "lost fat" is returned. If you don't perform at competitions where I would have to show a temporary effect on one day, and live a full life all year round, it is important for you to permanent results, not temporary! I know that many of you in response will say: Here I am dried with the help of a fat burner, and then I will maintain a lean shape!" It's a lie! Will not be so! Those who are looking for easy ways, will never be able to maintain a good shape constantly, because they never learned.

You can make a Cup of strong coffee without sugar before cardio. No more. The main result you want to achieve with using the right eating habits! Notice I did not say the word "diet", and they say "habit is power", because any diet is only temporary, and you want not just temporarily, but permanently! To achieve a permanent lean of the species is possible only through regular eating habits, that is, over time, learn to eat little carbs and fat, but high in protein, vegetables and fruits. It is not so difficult if you gradually go to it. It can be very tasty and not perceived as a diet.