To each subsequent year, the strawberry harvest has increased, it is important to take care of the berry not only during flowering and fruiting, but also after harvest. Experienced growers know how important the condition of the strawberry "go" for the winter.

Care for strawberries in August

August is a big month for gardeners, engaged in cultivation of strawberries. It was during this period must be reviewed in klubnichniy. If it was laid 4 years ago, it is enough to weed the berry, removing the dry and rotten leaves. Fertilizer under the bushes 4 years of age is not entered, because the fifth year is the last for strawberries. What would be a good crop she had been given last summer, the side shoots are not able to replace the legacy root system. Even if the owners decided to leave the station with strawberries in the same place, fertilization is not required.

When it is assumed the breakdown of klubnichniy in a new place, it is already rooted by August, rosette is transferred to a permanent "place of residence". Digging under must be paid for each square meter of 3-4 kg. of humus, 40 gr. superphosphate and 0, 5 liters of ash. Each "svezhevyglazhennye" Bush multimedia peat. Berry bushes are 2-3 years old reglada, asociada carefully, so as not to cover the growth point. To begin preparing the berries for winter in early August, without waiting for the autumn season.

As the roots of the strawberries with the time off, they need to Spud. Hilling has a positive effect on the root development of the lateral appendages. Bushes older than 4 years of age, you should fertilize and create conditions for them snegozaderzhanija. Although strawberry – resistant crop, the fall of every Bush it is better to mulch with sawdust, twigs, fallen leaves or straw and a layer of 5 cm, and in the spring to clean it up. The cold, icy ground, not covered with snow, dangerous for the strawberries.

Than to fertilize strawberries after fruiting

To fertilize strawberries after fruiting can be as mineral fertilizers and organic, but preference should be given to the latter. This can be a infusion of mullein or chicken manure. Mullein diluted with water 8 times, and chicken droppings 10. Wood ash is to be paid in August at the rate of 150 grams. for every square meter. You can sprinkle it dry on the bushes of strawberries or prepare a water solution and pour 0.5 liters in each hole. Other fertilizers are made also directly in each hole or furrow to a depth of 8-10 cm, made in the middle of the garden.

After fertilization the berry need to be watered. So the ground is wet to a depth of 30 cm is at this depth are the roots of the strawberries. If you feed strawberries in August, urea (30 g per 10 liters of water), it will contribute to the increase in the number of flower buds, and, hence, of the crop. Some gardeners have successfully used for autumn feeding strawberry infusion of nettle. To make it a bucket of nettle pour warm water and infused for weeks. Then a liter of infusion before watering is diluted 10 times. Practice shows that such fertilizer strawberry comments increase next year's crop and enlargement of berries.