Soil preparation

If the last two years, the soil is not fertilized, its preparation starts 2 months before planting strawberries. The soil is dug up on the bayonet spade, making the peat and humus in the amount of 5-8 kg/sq m, as well as a complete fertilizer without chlorine (40-50 g/sq m).

In the first year make nitrogen fertilizer. If the soil is clay, do it in the autumn, on light soils in the spring. During the active flowering and fruiting is recommended not to fertilize the strawberries.

Organic fertilizer

Manure is used only in decomposed form, fresh contains a large number of weed seeds that will germinate in the soil. Humus - fully decomposed manure, turned into a loose dark mass, strawberries provide essential nutrients, it is better absorbed by the plants.

Chicken manure is a good source of nitrogen. For the preparation of fertilizers make a weak solution, take one part of chicken manure and approximately 20 parts of water. Need to water only the ground and carefully monitored so that the solution does not fall on the leaves.

One of the available dressing for strawberries — wood ash, it can be made dry by spreading on the top so the plant will suffer less from pests. You can make a solution and water the bushes, using about 0.5 l every tree, such a solution is particularly useful for strawberries in the fall.

Mineral fertilizers

The best effect of complex mineral fertilizer, containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Potassium increases the shelf life of the berries and improves its taste properties. The main symptom of potassium deficiency — the ends of the leaves of strawberry mud color. Wood ash, potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate are suitable to fill its lack. Potash and phosphate fertilizers are applied in the spring under the bushes.

The nitrogen contained in the urea and ammonium nitrate. Urea is easily dissolved in water to prepare 10 liters of solution you will need 1 tablespoon. The first time I bring a fertilizer in early spring, removing all dry twigs and leaves. Under every Bush knock 0.5 l of solution. You should not abuse this fertilizer, its excess may lead to the loss of sugar in the berries.

Care after harvest

The most important for strawberries fertilizing after harvest. At this time, the strawberry needs good nutrition to form new buds and roots. Carefully loosen the soil between rows to a depth of 10 cm, thus it is impossible to loosen directly around the bushes as this can damage the root system. Then make a complete fertilizer at the rate of 20-30 g per 1 sq. m.

It is best suitable for this purpose the special fertilizer for strawberries, they contain all the necessary elements in a balanced way, you can also use ammofoska. The addition of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium it includes sulfur, magnesium and calcium. Avoid chlorine-containing fertilizers, strawberries do not tolerate chlorine. Making compost also gives a good result, he not only fertilize the soil but also improves its structure.