In the stores already complete fertilizer. The plant they are given in the spring, during flowering and late autumn.
You can also pour liquid cow manure. Doing the first watering during flowering and when the first tie of the berries. After ripening of the first berries, we made the last feeding. Between the first and last watering, you can feed 1-2 times. The result of the harvest is bigger, and berries grow to a significant size.
In the spring and early summer, the plants are sprayed with plant hormones that promote the growth and increase productivity. Such fertilizers include: "Ovary", "Bud", "Zircon".
From April to June you can pour the strawberry bushes in the usual manure, diluted in a bucket of water.
In spring every Bush of strawberries put a squad with a bucket of compost handful of superphosphate, and two handfuls of ash.