Variety of strawberry "Gigantella" was bred in Holland. It has become popular due to its fruit, which can weigh 100 g. in addition, the berries he have a thick juicy pulp, differ rich taste and aroma, also they are characterized by excellent transportability. But this is a little fussy and requires a lot of attention.


To this variety pleasing a rich harvest, you must observe the rules of planting. It is important to know that the strawberry bushes "Gigantella" is quite large. They often reach a height of 50 centimeters. For this reason, you will need to follow the optimal planting scheme, that is, 4 Bush in 1 square meter. It is also important to note that this variety loves the sun, because the place for its precipitation it is recommended to choose the most lit. You should know that in one place the strawberries can grow up to 8 years.

Rules of fertilizing strawberries

To "Gigantella" happy with a good harvest, you need to feed her. In the first year of growth of berries should not use nitrogen fertilizers, because the fruit can go rotten. It is important to know that nitrogen makes the leaves grow very quickly, and that can't happen. For the first year of life this sort of optimal potash fertilizer are considered, but are allowed and phosphate. Fertilizing is recommended to bring the soil in equal portions at the beginning of spring. From the second year allowed the use of ammonium nitrate. The third year you can apply potassium chloride, superphosphate, ammonium nitrate in equal proportions. The first part of this fertilizer is to be paid in the spring, remaining after the removal of the last crop.


"Gigantella" it is necessary often to water, without this condition, the fruits will not be large. However, it is not necessary to fill the plant with water, as its roots can rot. Before watering check the soil with your fingers for dryness. If it is really dry, you should be watering. Also strawberries should be watered more often after feeding, but it should be remembered that everything is good in moderation, and excessive moisture can damage.

Care rules

For this variety of strawberries need good care, then we will be able to taste the juicy and flavorful fruit. So, you should promptly remove the antennae from the bushes, otherwise they will not bear fruit. As soon as the snow melts, you need to handle plants, removing dry leaves and opryshkiv chemical pesticide. It is also recommended to scatter on the beds of onion peel. It will serve as fertilizer and repel pests.