If you from time to time hurts the trigeminal nerve, the first thing you can do is to determine the causes of these pains. Watch when and under what circumstances do you experience these pains. Strong wind and eating spicy foods are the most common stimuli that cause pain in the trigeminal nerve. Try to avoid any, even a slight draft in the room where you are. Stop eating hot and spicy food, in some cases it may be necessary to avoid specific foods, most often it is coffee, citrus, bananas etc.

The pain of the trigeminal nerve causes a person to cease all physical activity. He is depressed and usually refuses to eat. However, to suppress the pain you can use cold drinks. Try to drink them through a straw, it often helps to reduce pain.


The pain of the trigeminal nerve requires treatment by medical professionals, in particular neurologists or neurosurgeons who are familiar with this kind of pain and have the experience of their treatment. You will be a special diagnostics, such as MRI, which will help to determine the best method of further treatment.


For pain treatment trigeminal doctors were most commonly prescribed medications, as a rule, these antiepileptic medications. These drugs can slow down the nervous system, drowning out the pain. Take these drugs should be strictly according to the instructions of the physician, not to exceed these dosages, differently there can be serious complications. The most effective such drugs include: Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepin", "Baclofen", etc. These drugs can cause some side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, memory problems, allergic reactions, etc. If you experience them, try to contact the doctor to change the drug assigned to you.


Drug treatment may not give the expected results, in addition, the side effects of taking drugs can be unbearable. In this case, doctors can prescribe a range of therapies that help reduce the pain or completely get rid of it. These include, for example, injection of glycerol or radiofrequency destruction of the nerves. Such procedures are usually performed under the anesthesia, but the patient goes home immediately after their performance.


Treatment of pain of trigeminal nerve can be accomplished surgically. The most effective form of such operation is microvascular decompression. This operation is performed under General anesthesia on an open skull. She lies in the separation of blood vessels from the trigeminal nerve. This allows you to avoid the pressure exerted on the nerve by blood vessels and get rid of the pain. This operation is in many cases completely relieves the patient from pain of the trigeminal nerve.