Dysfunction resulting from neuritis, leading to peripheral neuropathy or mononeuropathy. The reasons that were causing the damage may be different, but most often they are associated with injuries of the knee injuries most of the fibula, using a too tight plaster after a fracture, frequent crossing of the legs, constant wearing of shoes with high heels. Infrequent cause of the disease becomes unsuccessful surgery. The disease usually occurs in very thin people or patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy or nodosum with polyarteritis nodosa.
Treatment of disease aims to improve the ability of independent movement. Any cause of neuropathy needs to be eliminated to allow the body to fully restore nerve endings. It may be advisable to conduct special operations on the knee at the appropriate indications. A reminder not to cross your legs from relatives and friends can also be a good preventive measure.
Injections of corticosteroids are used as the primary means of therapy. Injections are made by the attending physician or in accordance with his instructions. The solution is injected with a syringe to decrease the inflammation and provide on the nerve pressure. Surgery may be needed if the prescribed medications do not have the desired effect and the disorder continues to trouble the patient. The procedure will help to increase the probability of full recovery and reduce the intensity of symptoms.
For the elimination of the pain syndrome can be assigned painkillers. Anticonvulsants are shown ("Gabapentin", "Carbamazepine"). The high level of efficacy are tricyclic antidepressants ("Amitriptyline"). However, your doctor may recommend to use as less additional drugs to reduce the likelihood of side effects. If the pain is poorly tolerated by the patient, can be used any other available methods of relief.
Physical therapy and performance of health and exercise will help maintain muscle tone and strength. Orthopedic devices help restore ability to move and prevent contracture (limitation of the ability to move the joint), if the patient has a severe form of the disease. Psychological counselling and other proposed doctor programs are also the available options of treatment.