If you decide to leave Moscow on a journey that will not take more than four hours, go to Kaluga. If you do not have own transport, fast and comfortable journey in the train. Because it does not threaten tube, which can stand for a few hours. Rail transport departs from the Kiev station. Full ticket costs 322 of the ruble. The journey time from three hours to 3 hours 36 minutes. So the trip was comfortable, choose the right day and hour.
You should not go to Kaluga on Friday in the afternoon and evening on weekdays. In the first case you face the door went to the country numerous landowners. They, depending on the time of year, can carry bulky tools, bushes, trees. Weekdays in the evening people go to work, because the cars are often overcrowded.
If you love evening walk, it is better to go to the city space on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. "Lark" like a trip in the morning hours on weekdays. You need to have time to sit in the train for up to 10 hours, because then it starts day break, which lasts up to 12-50.
It is convenient to go to town on the Express. It to Kaluga-1 will take you just 2 hours 35 minutes. These trains depart three times per day: 7-12, 18-12, 19 hours and 12 minutes and are only 4 stops will be the fifth destination. Is the ticket a bit more expensive than the ordinary train – 400 rubles.
To Kaluga-2 you too will drive from the Kiev railway station. From this paragraph of the direction to go long-distance trains. Some of them, for example, Moscow-Bryansk stops in Kaluga-2, but the cost of the trip will not be 322, and 1137 in the second-class and about two thousand roubles in a compartment.
From the metro station "Teply Stan" to the city space can be reached in 3-3. 5 hours. The first bus leaves around 8 am, the last at 21-10. Many of the buses feature a TV, air conditioning. In winter, the driver turns on the heaters. For a pleasant trip, you will pay almost as much for the journey in the train – about 400 rubles.
If you want to go to Kaluga on the car, choose time. Not worth the risk to go after 17 hours on Friday, and on the bus. Tube there are serious. Instead of three hours, you can get 6. By car you will need to travel on the ring road, turn to the Kiev highway and ride it to your destination, never deviating.
If your location is the river Oka, then you get to the destination on the ship. One of them moves from the city of Aleksin. If you are on the way from April to October you will be able to run on it.