Advice 1: How to buy a car with no credit

To afford to buy cars can not all. If you do not want to get credit to buy a vehicle, you should think about how you can do without the participation of the Bank.
How to buy a car with no credit
The vehicle for the movement necessary in modern conditions. Purchase it without incurring loans with extortionate interest, quite real. You can several months a little put off with wages, and when there are a sufficient amount of to acquire a new motor vehicle.
It is not necessary to buy a new car, save for which should be long enough. A used car in good condition you can buy for 100-150 thousand rubles. Machines on the secondary market often enough are high capacity, so be sure to pay attention to this option.
If you don't want to wait, you can negotiate buying used car in installments. But this option can work if you buy a car from a friend you trust. However, the car market is always possible to find a seller who agrees to such a scheme of calculations. All agreements in this case must be issued by a notary.
Invaluable assistance in the purchase of a car you can have friends. You can take all the little and collect the required to buy the car amount. Of course, you have to offer the guarantee that they will get the money back, but in this case, you will be able to do without the loan and payment of interest on the loan.
Some garages sorted vehicles from scratch, and then resell at discounted prices. See if there are similar workshops in your town, then contact them and choose the price and parameters of the car. With the staff of the garage you can also arrange installments, however be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to write the receipt on debt repayment.

Advice 2: How to buy a car b/y

Buying a automobile with a run - a step serious. And not only because this acquisition requires a thorough technical check. Any monetary relationship with a private entity that is not controlled by the state, involve some degree of risk. You can thoroughly check the car for faults, but does not guarantee that the car is not stolen. What security aspects need to pay attention to when buying a vehicle from a private owner?
How to buy a car b/y
Ask the seller to show documents on the car, but a passport or driver's license. So you can see who actually is the real owner of the car. After all, the so-called dealers are becoming removed from the register car without registration for themselves. In the title enter the sale from the new owner. Moreover, it is not quite legal. In this case, it turns out that all possible subsequent problems will have to be solved by the previous owner of the car. But arise they could and "intermediate".
Check car theft on their own. To do this, make a copy of the PTS of the machine and contact the district police Department or post. Based on the data inspector can punch numbers and Vin codes exterior and engine. Of course, such virtual examination can not give 100 percent guarantee that the car is not stolen. In this case, reinsurance is: remove the machine from the account with the seller without signing up to this point with him any contracts.
Numbers body and engine, inspect with the inspector. You should alert the unreadable numbers, strong corrosion at the place of accommodation, the traces of welding works. Or, on the contrary, the old car brand new, shiny numbers. In this case, the inspector must send such a car for examination.
Make car ownership through a contract of sale. For this you need to go to a notary office or Agency of the intermediary in such transactions. They have about every major police Department. Notary choose for yourself and not succumb to the entreaties of the seller that he has "the person".
Especially pay attention to the process of transferring money. If the amount is very large, it makes sense to use a Bank cell transfer money to the card account. Before transferring the cash in hands in the Bank check them for authenticity in the presence of the owner of the car. Directly when you make a deal, give the money to the former owner of the now your machine.

Advice 3: How to borrow money with no interest

Making loans to banks, borrowers have to pay on a big credit interest. As a result, they otdavayte a much larger sum than they took. But this can be avoided by borrowing money without interest.
How to borrow money with no interest
In principle, the question of borrowing money without interest all depends on the purpose for which you plan to spend it. For example, if the money is needed for business development, they can provide third-party private investor. Though he will not take interest, but will demand in return a certain share in the business or will claim part of the profit. Sometimes to provide free assistance to businessmen and the state can.

For individuals, the easiest way to borrow money free of charge to contact relatives or friends. However, they do not always have the opportunity to help. Often the borrower does not want to contact their loved ones because of the reluctance to give publicity to their difficult financial situation.

But way out there - sometimes, banks may offer interest-free loans that do not involve overpayments. It is worth noting that we are talking about a relatively small loan amounts and for short periods. To make them any major acquisition would be impossible. But at least contact the Bank - much better than the "borrow until payday" at microfinance institutions, the interest of which can reach 2% a day (over 700% per year).

Today there are two main options to borrow money in the Bank without interest - to arrange installments for a particular product or to obtain a credit card.

To issue credit in a Bank

Today, some outlets and companies providing services to the population (for example, installation of plastic Windows or installation of stretch ceilings), are a joint partnership program with banks, which involve making the installments on the goods. Money in the hands of the borrower is not given, but it is on the same day can leave the store with a purchase. The term of such installment, as a rule, limit 4-6 months.

In this case, the outlets take interest burden of the loan itself. Of course, no company will operate at a loss, so these percentages is already included in the original cost of the goods or such proposals operate on obsolete products.

It is very important to pay attention to absence in the contract of pitfalls. In particular, some banks are cunning and included in the contract of compulsory insurance or extra charges for the loan application. Despite the fact that these loans are technically interest-free, overpayment for goods deferred payments will be significant.

To apply for a credit card

Perhaps the best way to borrow money without interest is to get a credit card with a grace period. It can range from 60 to 100 working days. In this period, you can make any purchases in shops, cafes by Bank transfer and without paying a cent. It is important to have time to return the money to the Bank before the expiry of the grace period. The advantage of this option is that the credit limit on the card after the repayment is resumed and the money can be used again.

But it is worth considering that the cash on this card to remove unprofitable. For these transactions will be charged a rather big Commission - from 3%, or they are not included in grace period.

It should be noted that the use of credit money is not free will. Today, almost all banks there is a charge for the annual service of the card. It is in most cases higher than for debit card transactions, and the average is 600-800 p.

Advice 4: How to buy a car in installments

According to the National Bureau of credit histories of Sberbank of Russia and of the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT", in our country almost every second car is bought on credit or installments.
How to buy a car in installments
The installments on the car is one of the most popular ways of purchasing a vehicle after the loan. If the processing of a loan you have to pay monthly interest (sometimes the overpayment is half of the value of the vehicle, taking installments, you will pay a specific amount that is spelled out in the contract.

The purchase of a car in installments

Usually all shops that sell car give installments for the equipment that has a high cost. For example, none of the dealers will not sell you a used car in installments is disadvantageous.

When buying a car in installments and the buyer and the seller receives some benefit. Future owner of a new car will not have to pay, making every month in addition to payment also of interest. The advantages should include a minimum of documents for registration of the installments, you will need only the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Shopping is the best installment since they can sell any product at a premium that the buyer will not notice. The installment is one of the marketing moves that are often used shops.

The car loan and installment: what's more profitable

The loan has become for many people a real salvation, especially in cases where private funds are insufficient to complete the purchase. A loan to buy a car to take much more profitable as the interest rate it much lower than consumer loan.

If you have two ways of buying car installments and credit, and you don't know what's more profitable, you should carefully calculate the overpayment on the loan, compare the interest on a loan to buy a car and choose the method that will hit the pocket. Subject to availability, to quickly pay the balance of the cost of the car would be more profitable to take the credit. If you prefer to pay every month a small amount for several years, you should pay attention to the processing of loan.

The details of the purchase cars in installments

Not to get in trouble, you need to know some of the details of buying a car in installments. For example, most stores will require you to pay an initial amount equal to 15-50% of the total cost of the car. The only document you will need a passport, signed application to receive the installments, as well as photocopies of passports and driver's licenses. It should be noted that the installment purchase the car can get the citizens of the Russian Federation, aged 18 years. The last payment you have to make prior to the execution of 65 (retirement age).

Advice 5: How to pass the old car and buy a new one

Often after a certain period, the owners of private cars are going to exchange your car for a newer, different brand, with different specifications. However, to start selling the car and buying is a risky procedure that only experienced drivers who are well versed in cars. To simply take the old car and get a new one, use such a popular service offered by dealers as an "exchange surcharge".
How to pass the old car and buy a new one
Bring the car to the salon, where it will be appreciated by specialists: as a rule, diagnose chassis, engine, and transmission.
Based on your wishes and results of the inspection, negotiate the price with the employees of the company, and then click inside the new machine (and this can be how do new and second-hand, but any you), pay the difference in price between the old and new car and get a new property transport.
This method has many advantages: it saves time, the owner of the machine does not need long to prepare for sale and to find buyers for your old car because of all the hassle for the implementation of old cars, including minor repairs and cleaning, takes care of the salon. In addition, the fading risk of fraud or other such hassles when selling a car on the market or through ads. New car available in the showroom and in the loan: the amount of the difference between the machines will be paid gradually.
This system of exchange has its drawbacks. Of course, the salon takes part of the real price of old cars his profit, but is rather a payment for quick solution. And beyond that, the choice of future machines is limited to what is offered at Trade-in one or more of these autos.
Please note, accepted by the system, not all car they must be in a satisfactory condition, their age, according to the rules salons must not be more than 10-15 years. Before we exchange cars, the owner will need to remove their vehicles from the register, although this service may be performed by representatives of the cabin. The documentation on the exchange machine completely takes over the firm.

Advice 6: How to buy an apartment from a single mother

Real estate prices are growing year by year and not all families can afford to take a mortgage for the purchase of apartments. Lonely woman raising a child without a husband, it is even more difficult to purchase housing. But if her age did not exceed 35 years can become the participant of the Federal program "Young family – affordable housing" or "mortgage young family". In these programs can participate not only full of families, and young single parents of minor children.
How to buy an apartment from a single mother
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of children;
  • - proof of income;
  • - certificate of inspection of living space;
  • - certificate of absence of housing;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - a certificate of single mothers;
  • - certificate of divorce (or marriage);
  • - Bank account number.
To become a member of one of the programs, contact the Department of housing policy of the district administration that you belong at the place of residence.
Complete statement of the proposed form. Present your passport, birth certificate of the child or children, income certificate form 2-pit. In the program can participate fully and single-parent families with sufficient income to repay the mortgage loan or for payment of the remaining amount for housing. The grant awarded does not repay all costs for the purchase of housing.
Single-parent family with children is 40% of the cost of housing. Amount of allocated subsidies is revised annually to reflect market prices. In some regions, there is a social routine where you can get an additional 5% for each additional child.
In addition to these documents, you must provide a certificate of inspection of living space or the certificate of absence of housing, certificate of family composition, the identity of a single mother. If you are raising a child alone because of a divorce will require a divorce certificate. You also need to provide the Bank account number where will be listed the funds for the purchase of housing.
Many banks participate in the Federal program and are ready to give mortgage loan for the missing amount under the minimum percent.
In one month you will be informed about the production queue to participate in the program. If you match by age and income level for participation in the program and you have been informed about the positive decision, contact the Department and receive a certificate confirming your participation in the Federal program.
The program grants has been extended to 2015 to support young families and single parents with minor children.
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