The vehicle for the movement necessary in modern conditions. Purchase it without incurring loans with extortionate interest, quite real. You can several months a little put off with wages, and when there are a sufficient amount of to acquire a new motor vehicle.
It is not necessary to buy a new car, save for which should be long enough. A used car in good condition you can buy for 100-150 thousand rubles. Machines on the secondary market often enough are high capacity, so be sure to pay attention to this option.
If you don't want to wait, you can negotiate buying used car in installments. But this option can work if you buy a car from a friend you trust. However, the car market is always possible to find a seller who agrees to such a scheme of calculations. All agreements in this case must be issued by a notary.
Invaluable assistance in the purchase of a car you can have friends. You can take all the little and collect the required to buy the car amount. Of course, you have to offer the guarantee that they will get the money back, but in this case, you will be able to do without the loan and payment of interest on the loan.
Some garages sorted vehicles from scratch, and then resell at discounted prices. See if there are similar workshops in your town, then contact them and choose the price and parameters of the car. With the staff of the garage you can also arrange installments, however be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to write the receipt on debt repayment.