Contact your Department On registration and examination Department of State inspection of road safety (MREO STSI), where you will need to write a statement about what you want to install manual controls on your car of a particular brand. Get on the application the resolution of the responsible employee of the DMV.
Installing a garage manual control on the machine, require the issuance of the following documents: certificate of conformity installation manual operation; specifications (TU) on the hand-held device; an application-Declaration on executed volume and corresponding quality of any work done to change the design of your vehicle; the order for the executed works related to installation of manual control.
Once you get all the documents mentioned above, again, go to MREO. There is an order 12.40 GU traffic police of the Russian Federation on the basis of which in the column "special notes" of the technical passport of your vehicle the staff MREO should check the "manual control". This way you will produce a legitimate design manual control on your vehicle in the Department of the state inspection of road safety.
Some offices of the traffic police are insured, forcing the disabled to obtain not only the documents, but also the additional conclusion, testifying that on your vehicle there is actually the possibility of any constructive changes. But this procedure is clearly unnecessary, bureaucratic. The statement of the Declaration, obtained by you in the garage, clearly States what quality was produced on your vehicle. From this statement-the Declaration must state that no structural changes in the operation of your vehicle have been made.