It is clear that to talk about whether or not to buy the old ZAZ and VAZ, not even worth it, or the Chinese, but at the same time on the market, there are a huge number of cars. It seems that there is no better option at the same time, there is a huge risk to buy a "floater" or align the car.

The availability of modern electronics in the new car can become the best assistant, so many novice drivers firmly believe in it and completely forget about the laws of physics and the rules of the road. Another point to keep in mind – whether beginner driver constantly repairing themselves b/a car or enough money he has to constantly drive to the car wash?

In turn, the new car purchased from an authorized dealer, will be always clean according to the documents, is on the warranty and always very easy and inexpensive to buy replacement parts if not purchased Porsche Cayenne, of course.

Always need to remember that even "experienced" driver knocks down a mirror and breaks off the bumper, so think whether you want to travel a HUNDRED, but to learn to ride on a manual transmission, as some drivers, or to feel comfort and to have at hand a computer assistant.