Services such as tattooing, or permanent makeup, appeared in the former Soviet Union in the late 90-ies of the last century. Even then, some women appreciated all of the convenience of such of their appearance: just wait a couple of hours, and over the next few years you will always look "one hundred percent" - and in the campaign, and in the pool and in the bath. However, to this day, many girls and women fail to decide to have permanent makeup for a number of reasons.

Painful to do the tattoo and how much will it take to heal?

To say that a woman does not experience discomfort during the application of permanent makeup, would not be true. Despite the fact that the wizard produces anesthesia of the skin area, which is applied to the pigment – most often this is done using a special cream – since its action is weakened, and carefully applied the next dose of cream of analgesic is also not acting immediately. Actually possible when applying the tattoo the pain is quite tolerable, and in any case the result is worth it. As the saying goes, "beauty requires sacrifice", and a couple of hours to even not pain, but just discomfort, is able, perhaps, any.

Common misconception that the speed of healing of permanent makeup depends entirely on who performed it in the wizard. In fact, the speed of regeneration of the skin in different people can vary greatly. It can affect and the use of drugs, and skin type, and condition of the human body at the time of tattooing, and many other factors. However, the main condition for rapid healing of permanent makeup and durability of the pigment is compliance with the recommendations of the tattoo artist at skin care.

How to quickly heal tattooing of lips, eyelids and eyebrows?

Permanent makeup lips healing for 4-6 days, but not longer than a week. Over this period, with the delicate skin of the lips peel all films, but the final shade is the one that you picked up along with the master – your lips will gain in 3-4 weeks after was made procedure. So much time is required to ensure that the pigment is fully revealed; then it will become clear whether you need a correction.

Eyebrows for 3-5 days after the tattoo look overly theatrical, due to the reason that at this time they are a few shades darker than your chosen shade. Then peel off the eyebrows completely, and they acquire the final color. Thus, in most cases, complete healing permanent makeup eyebrows will require no more than 5 days.

About the same time and need to fully healed tattooing on the eyelids. Immediately after the procedure, the eyelids swell, which takes place already during the day.