Preparing to tattoo eyebrows

Before going to the master, clearly imagine, what would you like to see your eyebrows. Before the procedure, discuss your desires, the professional advice can save you from bad form. Also note the ink used for tattooing. It is organic and natural and inorganic, i.e. chemical. Always make a choice in favor of natural, it is more expensive, but your face better not to save. Don't forget that paint is a chemical compound that can cause allergies. Therefore, before the procedure of permanent makeup make sure to test for allergies. Possible allergic reactions to anesthetic medications used during the procedure.

The choice of paint and application technique for eyebrows

Paint color must be selected based on the natural tones of your hair. Do not experiment with his looks – the blonde will not suit blue-black eyebrows, and brunette, and Vice versa. Inks used for tattooing, and hair dye gives you the opportunity to combine different colors, creating new colors.

There are two kinds of eyebrow tattoo, solid and hair to hair. The difference in the technique of applying the paint. When solid tattooing the skin is coated completely with no gaps, the eyebrow shaved before the procedure. The second method looks bole naturally, because it breaks the skin between the hairs of the eyebrows, filling the empty space between them.

Helpful tips to decide to tattoo eyebrows

Permanent makeup does not affect the growth and thickness of the eyebrows. It is indicated for women after thirty years, because more young girls, correcting the eyebrows, in the future encounter some problems. The fact is that with age, the eyelids to SAG, and the initial shape of the eyebrows becomes more round.

It is very important to choose the right master. Before you decide on permanent makeup eyebrows, go around a few shops, talk to the professionals. Experienced master usually always make a portfolio of all their work. View photos, ask them to tell about how is the procedure. Note the tools he uses. Needles and other spare parts must be used once, and they should be opened in front of you. The device before applying the tattoo needs to be treated with special drugs. The master must be in gloves and medical dressing.

Badly done eyebrows to fix it later is almost impossible. You can slightly change the color of the ink, to adjust the shape if they get too thin. Get rid of tattoo possible only with the help of the laser.