The advantages of permanent makeup eyebrows

The first and obvious benefit of permanent makeup – getting rid of the need for daily draw eyebrows that often requires accuracy and considerable effort. Because not every woman nature has endowed thick eyebrows with a perfect line!
The obvious advantages of permanent makeup eyebrows – daily savings time and beautiful manicured eyebrows, even if the woman is in the sauna, bath, swimming or just sweating from the heat.

From the first paragraph flows smoothly and the second rewarding aspect of permanent makeup: a daily saving several minutes of time that would be spent on tinting eyebrows. True women for five to seven minutes in the morning can become, meanwhile, a real "treasure time".

Finally, not every lady can boast the ability to professionally do makeup, and in this sense, the procedure gives another huge plus. Day-to-day tattooed eyebrows look as if their owner had just left the beauty salon, where the master gave the eyebrow, fed them natural color and skillfully hide flaws: the scars, the rarity of the eyebrows or the wrong line, etc. With permanent makeup, unlike a regular pencil, not washed off with water and does not spread on a sweaty face.

Disadvantages of tattooing eyebrows

What would be the disadvantages of tattooing eyebrows can make a woman to abandon this step if the advantages of this procedure are so serious and obvious? However, before you decide on a visit to the master on the process of permanent makeup, you should consider some disadvantages of this issue.
Among the disadvantages of eyebrow tattoo – permanent and painful procedure a few days of unsightly period of "rehabilitation" and possible allergic to the paint.

First, the qualification of the master tattoo. It needs to be a real virtuoso and artist, especially if the "field work", i.e. eyebrows that are the wrong shape, too light in color or the hairs they grow rarely. So, it is easy to ruin a light eyebrows, unsuccessfully picking up tone permanent colors – darker or lighter than usual, with a hint of "how", etc. the Result is unnaturally bright, "painted" brow fix which is almost impossible.

The second important point – the pain and unpleasant "peel" of the skin for several days after the procedure. Need to ask master how many days will depart lifeless epidermis medications should be lubricated eyebrows during this period.

Finally, you should be tested for possible allergic reaction from contact with the permanent paint – this nuance can become decisive in the decision to do or refuse to tattoo eyebrows.