Look carefully at the scratch: if she is shallow and only touched the paint to the primer, then use a Polish. To improve the effect before polishing, apply a special paste, which is called "scratch resistant", on the damaged area, wait until it dries and then Polish this place.
Buy a special tube of scratch remover that is similar to a conventional glue stick. This tool apply not only scratches, and small scuffs on the back of the machine. Remember that he has one significant drawback – it is quite unstable, so will last a short time. Repeat the procedure after some time, as I see it to be necessary. To improve its properties before each application thoroughly degrease the surface.
Buy a special brush, which perfectly conceal all scratches on the body. This product is somewhat similar to the mascara. Remember that re-application is not possible because the paint inside the tube dries quickly after its opening. However, the advantages of this type of repair scratches is that they can be deep enough to cover defects in the paint contains glass fibers, so priming is not required.
Apply a scratch with spray paint, pick the color to match the car. This way you can repair and deep scratches. Pre-produce a thorough degreasing of the surface. After that scuff the place where there is a scratch, and apply anti-corrosion primer. Wait some time that the composition has dried up. Then apply the paint to the repaired area and wait until it dries, and repeat the operation. Layers can be several, it depends on the depth of the scratch.