It should be clarified that the self can only remove small scratches. They usually appear during the contact of the body with tree branches, small rocks or pieces of asphalt.

The first thing you can try to eliminate the scratches on the car is polished. To choose the right tool, it is recommended to contact a sales consultant. The specialist will tell the best option. Apply the polishing should be intense in a circular motion. To consolidate the operation effect, you can cover the repair with wax.

Manufacturers of accessories and components for vehicles have several years of producing special pencils. They can be applied when scraped past is not only on the surface, but made it to the ground. Also there are specialized corrective sets. But they are applicable to a broad scratches.

If the damage was long ago, and the steel began to rust, experts recommend to repaint the affected area with the use of corrosion-resistant primers. If you just patch up the scratch with paint, then the rust will spread over the area of the car that will cause significant harm to the body of the vehicle.