Some children are born with hair on the head, while others – almost bald. Usually in the first year of life lanugo falls out, gradually grow rare and thin, but real hair. Can appear curly hair or radically change the color. Some parents do not attach great importance, taking this as a natural process, others survive. Especially worried moms who have growing girls, because they so want to do my daughters braids and ponytails.

Possible causes of poor hair growth

On hair growth is influenced by many reasons. First is the hereditary factor. At the happy owners of a luxurious head of hair most likely a baby whose hair will be no less beautiful. If the men in the family used to go bald, then the descendants will not be thick long hair. Much also depends on race. Asians always strong and long hair. The long life expectancy of hair and rate of growth of the Mongols. The Europeans can't.

Considerable influence on the rate of hair growth is having a food baby. Monotonous and unbalanced food hair would not benefit. The diet should include a whole range of necessary substances: calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. You must give the child enough fruits and vegetables. The lack of education of keratin in the body of a baby dramatically affects the state of hair, hair follicles weaken. Replace flour products whole grain foods will correct the situation. Brittle and hair loss occurs due to insufficient intake of iron, zinc and fatty acids. Make sure that the presence in the diet of the child meat, chicken, fish and olive oil.

It is said that after shaving the hair grow faster. This is not so. During the first three years of a child's life there is a slow change of the hair. Only after this time can be judged on their condition and quality. If the hair does not grow at all, look for the reason. The first step is to call the doctor. It will help determine whether the normal functioning of the digestive system of the baby. When there is any pathology of the body cannot absorb substances necessary for good growth and development of hair. A lack of vitamin D can also cause lack of hair. In the summer of this vitamin is formed in the organism under the influence of the sun's rays. At other times of the year, the child basically gets it from food: fish, butter, eggs, etc. If in the autumn and winter, discovered a lack of vitamin D, the doctor prescribes the drug in the form of pharmaceutical drops or capsules.

Hair care

Improper care of hair is often the reason for their poor growth. Parents should teach the child to properly comb my hair, pulling the matted hair. It is advisable not to use a comb made of wood, as the roughness on the surface of this comb will systematically damage the hair. To wash hair is better to use a special shampoo for children, products for adults are not suitable. After washing the hair carefully blot with a towel, use a hair dryer is impossible. If a girl in the family, before going to sleep, you can loosely braid her hair: it will save long combing in the morning.