Advice 1: How to shave child

Young children usually shave at the age of one year, when spring is already overgrown. It is believed that after shave "fluff" on the head, hair grow better. It's a pretty controversial statement, but if you do decide to shave, do it very carefully.
How to shave child
Trim child car. Try to seat the child so that the child did not. A sleeping baby, of course, to shave would be problematic due to the fact that the machine makes a lot of noise. You can enable him with quiet music or a story, to slightly move the vector of attention from the haircut. A machine to shave the child is unsafe, as it may damage the scalp, which the child is very thin, and the hair follicles too. After cutting, clean the baby's head colorless antiseptic or burdock.
Go to the hairdresser. Easier to trust to a professional shave. But since this is still a small child, it is desirable to give it in the hands of a friend of a hairdresser. Or at least experienced, because there are such "masters" who for one haircut can scratch several times in the head. It is unlikely that you want your baby did. So the pre-talk with the hairdresser. Ask whether he has the experience of the haircut and how he could do it.
Again think about how much you need to shave the baby? If you want to shave the baby because the weather is hot and the skin under the hair decomposes, then the haircut is worth considering. You can also shave, if this is dictated by cultural traditions where you live.However, if your only argument in favor shave – after haircut hair grow better", then this idea should be abandoned. Rather, scientists have found that the density and color of the hair depend on the genetic disposition of the child. Hair follicles are formed during pregnancy in the womb, so it would be naive to assume that you will help the child to acquire a luxurious thick hair, only popiv it. In addition, haircut bald at a young age can scare a kid, so when any cuts, he will be afraid and cry.

Advice 2: Whether to shave child per year

To today's young mom comes down this myth: you need to shave your head kid in the year below his hair grow better. Earlier it was practiced by almost all families. But actually, skin and hair in children is too delicate for such manipulations.
Hair in children


Why shaved before babies

A few years ago, almost all babies in the year were bald. Our grandparents are very active shaved their heads to our parents, to stimulate hair growth. It is now much less likely to be seen shaven baby. And it pleases, because of such treatment of delicate skin can get a lot of problems.

How to change hair in children

Hair of a newborn are very different from those of an adult. They are more like light fluff. Even if the hair of infants is very long, they are often thin and light. From any breeze they stand on end. Rarely babies are born with thick curls.

The fluff on the baby's head is very thin, it easily wiped off from the collar on the clothes (especially if not enough vitamin D). Gradually the hair of children will become longer and denser. About a year process starts when a full-fledged hair. At this age there is often a need to make the cut: tickles the ears, bangs gets in your eyes etc. But no need to shave the child.

Harmful than shaving the head

The number of hair follicles does not increase with time, as they are in the skin, so be it. The kid's body knows when and how they should work. Shaving will only harm the scalp. And this is fraught with the fact that some hair follicles will simply die. Razor will scrape of the skin with a protective layer, which may form a crust.

The hair after this procedure will indeed become tougher, but for the delicate skin of the little man's up to no good. Stiff bristles will scratch it from the inside and this leads to inflammation and abscesses. The density of hair in children does not depend on whether the shaved head in a year.

All these inconveniences – the scab on the baby's head, inflammation, ingrown hairs, stiff bristles is unlikely to contribute to the well-being of the child. A more appropriate course of action parents: just let the hair grow destrega them where they cause discomfort. Someone in a year already thick hair, and someone walks almost 2 years with the "two hairs". No reason to worry and to hurt my child, shaved his head. All in good time: lanugo is replaced by hair in children sooner or later.

Advice 3: Is it possible to cut a child under one year parents

Cut the kid is a big issue for parents and one of the pressing problems in the care of the baby. On the one hand, nothing wrong with this desire-no, but traditions say that to cut the baby best when he turns a year.
Is it possible to cut a child under one year parents
When the baby is born, everything is new. The first toy, the first independent sounds. In his body, too, is changing. Over time, change eye color, there are hairs on the head. It hair somehow become a stumbling block for many parents and grandparents. Some say to cut the baby in any case not up to a year, others say that hair should first be sure to remove.

When to cut hair kid?

The first hairs appear in the baby immediately after birth or he is with them and appears. Even a fluffy is able to protect the baby's head from cold and damage. Over time, the primary lanugo falls out and the baby's head appear quite normal hairs. Final change of hair occurs in the period from 4 months to a year. To cut the child before the onset of the year, and does not need his hair is not so long and thick, to prevent day to day Affairs. However, if the hair grows very quickly, begin to curl, to go into mouth and eyes, disturb during the meal - of course, is the child to be cut for his own safety and convenience.

Whether to shave it off?

Some of the parents and the older generation has formed the opinion that cutting a child under one year can not, then you definitely need to shave your head. In this opinion the mixed the ancient traditions of the Russian people with the wrong interpretation of them. The fact that earlier in Russia children who were one year old did not cut fully, and certainly not shaved. They cut off a lock of hair, wrapped it in a cloth and kept behind the icons. This was done to protect against evil spirits and misfortune. A lock of hair were returned to the young man when he went into the army, and the girl - when she got married. This was done for luck in the new life and salvation out of trouble.

Today hardly anyone follows this ancient tradition of preserving the hair of the babies. It takes a rather different turn when the parents are sure to mow the child only a year and it is best to completely deprive him of his hair. Supposedly this will help the hair become stronger and thick. In fact, nothing like this happens. The structure of the hair of the child it is impossible to change, completely removing them from the head. Maybe remove the remainder of the child gun and really grow normal hair. But it's better that this process was gradual, natural way. In addition, the clippers may scare and hurt the baby, and she cut it off would deprive him of the crown required protection from cold and damages.

So to cut the child at any age, but this should be done carefully so as not to hurt the baby and not to spoil its beauty.

Advice 4: How to treat staph in an infant

If a small child is often sick with colds, he is concerned about the tummy (flatulence and bloating), allergies and frequent liquid chair, it is possible to suspect an infection of a child organism is Staphylococcus.

How to treat staph in an infant
You will need
  • - chamomile
  • - camphor oil
Pass the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis – it could be a stool or discharge from the nasal passages, purulent wounds, etc. After the pathogen is detected, it is necessary to make crops on sensitivity. This analysis is necessary for the purpose of effective antibacterial drugs.
Antibiotics are not always effective in the treatment of staph, but subject to proper selection of drugs are sometimes used in the treatment of infants.
An important condition for cure is the strict observance of cleanliness and hygiene in the child care – clean hands and treated with small cracks and sores, frequent diaper changes, bathing the baby, etc. All clothes should be washed and ironed on both sides.
Selection of drugs includes, in addition to new-generation antibiotics, antiseptic agents, immunostimulating drugs, bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are the most effective means of exposure to staph, but the choice of drugs depends on the form of the disease and the affected area. With the defeat of a staph infection of the digestive system is necessary to prevent dehydration – frequent breastfeeding, dobivanie water and the use of special liquids. Affected eyes should be washed with decoction of chamomile or boiled water, between the instillation of antiseptic solutions. Purulent bubbles need to treat camphor oil. If the baby develops sepsis, then you may need a blood transfusion, intravenous vitamins and plasma.
For restoration of intestinal microflora after treatment you need to give your child a broth chamomile preparations with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. If the baby is fed mother's milk, should be strictly monitor the diet of the mom – to add fermented beverages, reduce consumption of sweets. The child on the artificial feeding are fed a special low-lactose mixtures, mixtures with a peptide complex. If the baby is suffering from constipation (which is often during treatment), then he needs to do enemas – before feeding, preferably in the morning.
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