Have you noticed that you don't grow hair? Note the procedures that you use in relation to hair. For example, if you regularly color the hair, stop doing it. Chemicals do curls thin, dull and brittle. The same can be said about irons, hair dryers and hair curlers.
Start using treatment homemade mask. To speed up hair growth, you can use the mustard. 2 tablespoons ground mustard connect with the same amount of hot water, add a little of burdock oil, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 egg yolk. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, then apply the mask on the scalp. Note that this tool is not recommended to apply on your hair. Cover locks in plastic wrap and a warm scarf. Rinse after 40 minutes.
Also you can handle your hair capsicum tincture, which can be purchased in the pharmacy section. Massage it into the roots of hair, then cover your head for 30 minutes. If you feel a strong burning sensation, immediately rinse the tincture is from the scalp.
If you want the hair began to grow faster, reconsider your diet. The hair shaft consists mainly of keratin that is protein. So you need to consume more protein foods, such as fish, eggs, nuts. The lack of iron in the body also leads to slowing down of hair growth. Enrich your diet with legumes, and lean meats.
Hair is slow to grow? Be sure to check for the presence of fungal infection, as it can become dry, brittle and dull looking hair. Possible problems with the hair connected with hormonal changes in the body or an imbalance. Therefore, visit your doctor.
Start taking vitamins for hair, for example, Pantovigar. Note that this preparation should be at least 2 months. During pregnancy and during breastfeeding from taking this tool should be abandoned.