Why shaved before babies

A few years ago, almost all babies in the year were bald. Our grandparents are very active shaved their heads to our parents, to stimulate hair growth. It is now much less likely to be seen shaven baby. And it pleases, because of such treatment of delicate skin can get a lot of problems.

How to change hair in children

Hair of a newborn are very different from those of an adult. They are more like light fluff. Even if the hair of infants is very long, they are often thin and light. From any breeze they stand on end. Rarely babies are born with thick curls.

The fluff on the baby's head is very thin, it easily wiped off from the collar on the clothes (especially if not enough vitamin D). Gradually the hair of children will become longer and denser. About a year process starts when a full-fledged hair. At this age there is often a need to make the cut: tickles the ears, bangs gets in your eyes etc. But no need to shave the child.

Harmful than shaving the head

The number of hair follicles does not increase with time, as they are in the skin, so be it. The kid's body knows when and how they should work. Shaving will only harm the scalp. And this is fraught with the fact that some hair follicles will simply die. Razor will scrape of the skin with a protective layer, which may form a crust.

The hair after this procedure will indeed become tougher, but for the delicate skin of the little man's up to no good. Stiff bristles will scratch it from the inside and this leads to inflammation and abscesses. The density of hair in children does not depend on whether the shaved head in a year.

All these inconveniences – the scab on the baby's head, inflammation, ingrown hairs, stiff bristles is unlikely to contribute to the well-being of the child. A more appropriate course of action parents: just let the hair grow destrega them where they cause discomfort. Someone in a year already thick hair, and someone walks almost 2 years with the "two hairs". No reason to worry and to hurt my child, shaved his head. All in good time: lanugo is replaced by hair in children sooner or later.