About hair

The hair follicles are placed in the scalp approximately 6 months of intrauterine development of the fetus. This explains the fact that some babies are born with fuzz on his head. However, it is not necessary. There are several major reasons why the baby is not growing or very slow growing hair. These include diet, heredity, stress factors.


The hair is a kind of indicator showing the internal state of the organism. It is therefore very important to plan the diet of the child, the baby was getting as many vitamins and minerals, used various products, but it fed on strong. For good and faster hair growth requires that food present calcium and vitamins a, b, C, D, and E. ensure that the child ate a lot of protein foods: meat, cheese, eggs, legumes. The fact that the hair almost on 70% consists of proteins. Restrict your baby from eating fast food and many sweets, replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Very much the growth rate of the hair is associated with hereditary factors. So, if mom's hair length changes by only 0.5-0.7 cm per month, it is unlikely that the daughter's hair will grow at a rate of 2 or more see note to what was hair parents when they were as young as their toddler. If strong differences there — experience is not necessary. However, if to 3 years baby has barely grown hairs, consult a doctor. Maybe the reason lies in the presence of a disease.


A calm relaxed environment at home is beneficial for health and mental health of all family members. Scientists noticed that easily excited, nervous children, hair grows more slowly than their more relaxed peers. Therefore, if you notice that the child is often cranky and nervous — refer to neurologist. Perhaps the reason for slow hair growth lies precisely in it.


There is a view that in order to speed up hair growth and make them thicker, the child's need to shave bald. Scientists have disproved this myth, because it has no scientific basis. Because, as mentioned above, bulbs are laid in utero. So cutting all the hair the number of hair follicles can not influence. On the growth of hair is also not reflected.

Pay close attention to the selection of shampoo for the baby. It needs to be natural and not contain synthetic additives, and pH level should be close to neutral.

Comb hair crumbs before bedtime with a soft brush. This massage will increase blood circulation and beneficial effect on the speed of hair growth.