Hair is an indicator of the health of the child. Improper and unbalanced diet can make hairdry and brittle. Therefore, include in the diet of your baby fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, b and C, as they are beneficial to the health of the scalp and prevent brittle hair.
For Breakfast feed the child eggs. They are able to delay the entrance hair in a state of rest. In addition, eggs contain magnesium and Biotin, which is essential for growth of hair of the baby.
White bread, crackers and pasta substitute whole-grain products. They contain vitamin b and Biotin. The latter promotes the production of keratin protein, which consist hairs. Whole grains also contain Inositol, which protects hairanye the bulbs.
Be sure to include in the diet of baby fish, beef and olive oil that he gets the fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.
To improve the growth of hair of the child is very important substances such as zinc and iron. Their deficiency in the body can lead to loss of hair. Get these items from beef, pork, chicken, bran, oatmeal and wheat germ.
Teach the child to properly care for the hairAMI. Explain that after washing they do not RUB with a towel (they will break). You need to comb carefully without damaging them. Moreover, the brush must be of natural bristle. If necessary, it is desirable to use the conditioner for hair, to prevent tangling of the hair.
If there are any diseases of the scalp, you must immediately consult a doctor. In children are very common blisters, dandruff and alopecia, which may cause poor growth or loss of hair from the child.
If you doubt the normal growth of hair your child, consult a specialist, who on the basis of the required tests and medical history of the child and your family will be able to establish the true cause of this problem.