First and foremost, stop looking at others. Hair growth is different in all people, because the gene responsible for it – the phospholipase gene is inherited. And if your family have many relatives hair grows slowly, you should not expect thick hair in no time. So if the hair you slowly grow your whole life, you have nothing to do with it – stock up with patience.If before your hair grow faster, but now their rate of growth was much less, something has changed in your body or in relation to his hair. Hair, as the body needed nutrients. Also hair can respond to dehydration, lack of calcium, silicon, magnesium, iodine, Biotin, beta-carotene. It seems that in such an impressive list it is difficult to understand yourself. Watch out, first and foremost, the food. For faster hair growth, eat more cheese, cheese, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Slow hair growth can speak about any disease. It can be like a disease of hair follicles, and endocrine disease. Be surveyed at the endocrinologist and the trichologist. The latter studies the hair and scalp. He just finds out a reason for slow hair growth and how to deal with the problem. The poor condition of the hair is also affects their growth. Section, depleted hair to grow more slowly. Pay attention to the care. Make medical haircut hot scissors, pick shampoo and conditioner for hair restoration. Take care and scalp is dry, pull off the skin, dandruff say about the problem. While washing hair, gently massage the skin with your fingers – you will increase the blood flow to the roots, speeding up the hair growth. Prevent to grow hair and some styling products. If hair is constantly in lacquer, wax, you will not regret when styling mousse, to carry the heaviness of your hair is hard enough. Therefore, increase in volume and it is in no hurry. The use of cosmetics must be reasonable.