5 years - wooden wedding

The strength of the relationship between spouses is like a tree: family "took root and blossomed with all the colors. And may have already borne fruit in the form of children.

This is not the easily torn cotton (1 year together) or paper (2 years marriage). The tree also symbolizes wisdom. The couple dropped the rose-colored glasses, looking at each other and wisely decided to focus only on the good qualities of the partner.

Gifts: wooden boxes, picture frames, books and miscellaneous items for the household.

10 years old - pink (or tin wedding)

This period is called the second honeymoon, as, having overcome all crises, the family has reached a new level. Tenderness still rolls. The couple already know all the weaknesses of the partner and try not to step on them.

It is accepted that the husband gave his wife a decade of living together with a magnificent bouquet of 10 red roses (symbolizing undying passion) and 1 white, symbolizing the future, a bright future. Guests are given presents with a hint of the fortress of marriage: the good wine of strength and endurance, figurines or tableware of tin tableware, etc. Also a great gift will be a composition of red and pink balloons/flowers.

10 years of wedding is celebrated in a wide range of guests. It is advisable to invite everyone who participated in the wedding ceremony.

15 years - crystal (glass) wedding

As the name implies, a hint of transparency. Each spouse for the other as a clean glass to see through. The remains of love is somewhat fragile as crystal, and most often take a backseat to respect.

On my fifteenth birthday, decided to give glassware and crystal products: vases, glasses, figurines, etc. the Custom demands, as in the day of the wedding, smash a festive meal, a glass or glass - for the future happiness of the spouses.

20 years - porcelain wedding

It implies that the cookware for years of happiness and sorrow mixed in crashed in quarrels. And at the same time, porcelain is a symbol of grace and ease with which the couple managed to survive to the twentieth anniversary.

Guests should present anniversary Cutlery and statuettes of porcelain, and the owners use as a table setting of fine porcelain China.

25 years - silver wedding

Silver - a symbol of nobility, brilliance and cleansing (no wonder with his help purify the water). Like silver purified water on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the wedding the couple should forgive each other all wrongs and to be cleansed so that the marriage would Shine in new splendor. Traditionally, the husband and wife are exchanged on this day, silver rings and wear them in the future on the middle finger of the left hand (next to a wedding ring).

Gifts: any product with elements of silver: coins, vases, jewelry and so on. You can give a set of 25 silver spoons, for example.

30 years - pearl wedding

Like the formation of the pearl in the shell, the family has developed in your comfortable microcosm and honed skills of interaction with each other. And here is the result of thirty years together, no matter what.

Omen for happiness is the gift from her husband in the form of a strand of pearls or pearl earrings. Guests can give gifts to mother-of-pearl flowers and all that to pearls relates or symbolizes it.

35 years - coral wedding

Marriage is like a coral reef - durable, assembled from a string of amazing days together. For 35 years I give all that can remind of the sea: paintings, Souvenirs, etc. you Can give the anchor as a symbol of that ship-my husband found his harbour-wife, and firmly in this Bay settled. The color of the gift should be matched to the name - coral.

40 years - ruby wedding

Rubin I think "bloody" stone for its rich red color. Relationships of spouses become similar to the relationship of blood relatives is close and strong.

Gifts with natural ruby few are willing to spend money, so often on the fortieth anniversary of wedding and give any object a bright red color.

45 years - sapphire wedding

Sapphire - expensive pleasure, stone, worthy of admiration. And the efforts of spouses to preserve family happiness precious and command respect. The anniversary color is the color of sapphire and the depths of the sea. Gifts should match the theme.

50 years - Golden wedding

Gold symbolizes nobility and strength. After so many years of marriage, the spouses have become one, like a gold bar. Gifts: products gold-plated household items, etc.

55 years - emerald wedding

Emerald - a symbol of eternity, and its deep green color is the life itself. Gifts should be with philosophical overtones: to live as long as possible. It can be restored photographs or family heirlooms. Breathing in the Antiques a new life, you hint jubilarians that they are still young at heart. Because of old age of the spouses, the anniversary better to celebrate in the family circle.

60 years - diamond wedding

Lived together for 60 years - a record. Therefore, the symbol of the anniversary is an amazing and rare stone. The main gift will love, care and attention children and grandchildren.

Subsequent anniversary: 65 years (iron wedding), 70 years (grace's wedding), 75 (corona wedding) and 80 years (oak wedding) is rarely celebrated, as the age of the spouses is not the one to actively celebrate any holidays. A single case of centuries of living together the couple showed Ageeva from Kazakhstan.

In any case, the children and grandchildren should remember and honor family traditions, special wedding anniversaries as its a reverent and respectful of the values, which they managed to preserve the family.