The couple carried their love through a quarter century and experienced all the hardships and obstacles in life. But there was always relatives, friends and acquaintances who have supported in difficult moments, and enjoyed the pleasant events. So share your happiness and be sure to invite them to the celebration. According to an ancient tradition, the festival must be at least 25 people.
Twenty-five days before an upcoming event, send out invitations. Buy ready-made cards in the store or make them together with his other half improvised.
Discuss with your husband what gifts you would like to obtain. Because many of the invitees in advance interested in this issue the heroes of the occasion. So just in case make a list of possible gifts.
It is best to celebrate a silver wedding in the place where 25 years ago you mentioned the creation of his family. Create a festive atmosphere. Decorate the room with balloons, ribbons, garlands and tinsel silver color.
The table will be served with silver dishes, silverware, napkins and tablecloth in the same range.
Hang on the walls of the newspaper with photographs, which will depict key moments in your life together. Make a special album for the anniversary wishes.
Make a holiday menu. The Desk should be many different dishes, appetizers, delicacies, sweets and fruit. In addition, on the wedding celebration like 25 years ago, must be a loaf and a huge cake.
Consider the tastes of your guests, choosing alcoholic beverages. They should be presented in several types: wine, champagne, brandy, vodka.
Come up with an interesting scenario for their silver wedding. Pick appropriate music, prepare a variety of contests, games and funny skits. Do everything to ensure that this important day is ordinary, boring.