SPA treatments

This option is not always appreciated by women because they mistakenly think that the stronger sex is not inclined to visit these salons. Of course, the man does not want to go to hair removal and exfoliation. He doesn't like it and visit treatments using masks. But relaxing and invigorating massage will surely appeal your spouse. Excellent SPA-procedure for men – a beer bath.

Wish on a piece of paper

This method will allow you to know precisely what the desires regarding the gift is your spouse. You need to take two beautiful boxes and cards with a pen to write their desires. One box will be for the wishes of the husband, the second to the desires of his wife. Cards with written wishes in a box, then the couple switch boxes and remove one card. Written desire must be fulfilled. To arrange such a lottery, it is necessary for a few days until your wedding anniversary to have a time to find the gift. This method is very effective, do not need stealth to inquire of her husband, what does he need to give?

Globe traveler

This gift would suit a man who has everything. Globe traveler is a kind of geographical textbook, its distinguishing feature is the complete absence of geographical images. A man should decorate this gift, the benefit to the globe are attached colored markers. On the globe can be made of different colors of the country in which your spouse has visited, or have not been. The third color you can paint the countries, which did not want to return, or those of the country in which I want to visit again.

Gift with your own hands

A great gift to her husband on their wedding anniversary will be a surprise, fully prepared with his own hands. You can sculpt from clay award in the form of a Cup, having on it an inscription showing all the virtues of her husband. If the wife is fond of embroidery or knitting, you can prepare for the holiday my husband a nice shirt, with embroidered pattern on it. You can knit a warm sweater (if the anniversary falls in the winter).

Sweet pastries

If your husband loves sweets, then it is possible to prepare for your wedding anniversary a delicious cake or sweet biscuits. You can make a whole gift basket with lots of Goodies, to be booked in advance chocolate heart in a candy form and install it in the center of the basket. Can the basket be replaced the chocolate box in which to lay a lot of sweets.

Adult toys

Men often want to return to childhood, so the gift of RC toys will be very opportunely. You can choose a helicopter, a boat or remote control cars.

Equipment for gift

Men are always welcome the new technology, donated by the woman. For example, you can present your beloved spouse on the day of the wedding anniversary of the notebook, the body of which is decorated with paintings depicting characters from his favorite computer games.

There is always something to give, something to surprise and please. You need to show a bit of fantasy.