Year by year, the feelings of two loving people be strengthened more and more, the Union becomes stronger. Therefore, names of wedding anniversaries become more fundamental. Print from the wedding to the wooden, Nickel, iron, and finally silver. Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary becomes the strength of the noble metal.

Ancient customs and traditions

The silver ring is the main symbol of this wedding anniversary. Husband and wife should give each other a ring of silver that need to be worn on the middle finger of the right hand without removing, next to wedding rings.

Another ancient tradition – the morning wash from the silver pitcher. If no such utensils, you can put in the prepared water silver spoon. Washing takes place in 3 phases, each must be done with the help of the other spouse. The first ablution washes away with the years and gives youth, the second takes the excitement and sadness, and the third is preparing to start new phase of life. After that, the dishes with the remnants of water you need to expose to the open air - the water evaporates, it will take away all the troubles and sorrows.

Before after wedding laid to storage three wine bottles that were opened on the day of the silver jubilee. The first bottle was meant for her husband, the second was put on a festive table for the first toast, and the third was to have the wife in the evening, when left alone.

How to celebrate a silver wedding

This worthy anniversary you need to celebrate in a big way. If you have the desire and the opportunity, to invite as many friends and loved ones and to arrange noisy celebration with toasts, kisses and competitions, as at the actual wedding. Covering the Bridal table, it is desirable to use silverware, and jewelry - silver ribbon, silver plated with lacquer colors.

Gifts for silver wedding

Invited guests should not be the occasion to skimp on gifts. The value of gifts should be in harmony with the value of twenty-five relationships. A classic gift for this anniversary is silverware: jewelry, tableware, gifts.

For women fit silver bracelets, pendants, watches, manicure sets. Wife like men's accessories - a silver cigarette case, a lighter, elegant pen, ring or cufflinks. Dishes and silverware – always a valuable and meaningful gift for a silver wedding.

You can give a joint photograph of the couple framed by a bezel of silver. The family tree of family in a silver frame is also relevant and original gift.

A good option - silver plated tabletop or wall clock with engraved floor vase plated with silver, silver tray. A symbolic gift is a silver Cup or a medal as a prize for such a long life together. The presentation of such gifts must be accompanied by a solemn speech.