Wedding anniversary is celebrated by people all over the world. Everywhere their traditions. But there similarities in the celebrations. For example, it is customary to give the anniversary name. So the first wedding anniversary called calico. The tenth anniversary somewhere called tin, but somewhere pink. Twenty-five years of living together is a silver wedding.
Not all anniversaries have names. Although it is sometimes customary to celebrate even the "intermediate" date. For example, 6.5 years is celebrated zinc wedding; 12.5 – Nickel wedding; 37.5 - aluminum.

The fortieth anniversary

If the couple had lived together forty years, each of them at least sixty years, maybe more. It's already retirement age. Adults are not only their children, but, perhaps, grandchildren. So, there are many people who are happy to gather and congratulate the heroes of the occasion.

Fortieth wedding anniversary is a beautiful name ruby. Its symbol is the stone a ruby. It hardness is inferior to diamond. With what is not with him, to compare a strong marriage, lasting four decades.

Most rubies are bright red. This stone relates to the fire element, he personifies love. Indeed, the feelings of the spouses tested over the years, and if the light of love is not extinguished in forty years, he has nothing to fear.

From the fortieth anniversary of the Golden jubilee for close to ten years. Many guests, family and friends will certainly want a married couple to reach this date, health and devotion to each other.

How to celebrate ruby wedding

Big holidays can not do without gifts. If desired, the spouses make a gift to themselves. They exchange the updated rings. Because the event symbol is the ruby, I decided to inlay engagement rings with rubies.

Expensive and memorable gift will be earrings, a red ruby ring for the wife, tie clip with the same stone – for my husband. Of course, it is very expensive at the cost of things. They are usually guests give together in advance.

But it is possible to present something more democratic. However, preference is given to things red. What would it be, wine glasses or a vase of red glass, bed or table linen the right shade, or maybe something relevant hobby of the spouses to decide the guests.
A great addition to gift flowers red roses.

If the celebration is expected many guests, the evening is being held in a cafe or restaurant. We must take care that the design was consistent with the symbolism of the holiday. But at home, nothing will prevent to choose the white tablecloth and red table napkins, decorate the room with red balloons in form of hearts and even red curtains.

However, here is not to overdo it with color and symbolism, not to break out beyond the limits of good taste. But, ultimately, everything must be done so that the party liked and remembered by anniversaries.