Characters anniversary: copper and wool

Copper is very easy to be melted metal and it is symbolic. After living together for seven years, the couple already know each other. Many families had children. And yet according to statistics, after seven years of marriage most divorces occur. No wonder this date is called copper or wool wedding. Copper conducts electricity, that is, the relationship between the couple sparks from the misunderstandings and quarrels. And at the same time, copper is very ductile material and each pair has the ability to sculpt or build their relationship.

The seven – year anniversary- that's a lot, but also in the relations of the present to taunt, she is jealous that to the hair. Wool tunic, but she warms, creates comfort, to which we return. This period in life is called – the crisis of monotony. In your life everything is stable, you already know your wealth, allocating budget and making plans for the next six months. Husband is not so often brings flowers (if ever brings), you in turn meet him in curlers, not a romantic dinner. The conclusion is clear – the life sucked you into the swamp.

And still the good: no one but you know better that to cook a favorite dinner, so he ran home from work. What a surprise to present to the wife to see the smile on her face. You already long time together and only you know how to give each other pleasure and joy.

What to give

In ancient times it was believed that the metal ringing scares away any evil spirits, misfortune and evil spirits, because it is like a bell ringing. Therefore gave symbolic copper bells. As a symbol of prosperity and wealth is good as a gift of a copper coin. If someone already got her home, it is appropriate to give a horseshoe, will be the way the copper rings.

And as this date is not only copper, but also wool, a pleasant and good gift would be a wool blanket or scarf. And how nice the wife will get on this day, wool socks related wife that will warm his cold nights.

And yet seven is the number of luck. It symbolizes secret knowledge, wisdom and sacred number. Please note: seven notes, seven days in the week, seven wonders of the world. Anyway all is in your hands, listen to each other speak – because after copper wedding ahead silver, gold and diamond.