Despite the fact that the cans are worth more than the same fresh produce, they do not lose their popularity and relevance. A jar of fish, meat canned meat or canned vegetables is a great way to entertain unexpected guests original salad, hearty hot meal or a light snack. But canned food can be no less dangerous than convenient and delicious. Incorrect or too long storage of the treasured jars leads to their deterioration and the formation of these dangerous to the health and life of microorganisms and bacteria.

Like how long can you store canned food

Any canned foods have a maximum shelf life after which they cannot be eaten. Canned food factory-produced can be stored for quite a long time, up to 3 years. In their production are used special technologies and a certain kind of safe food additives and preservatives that greatly extend their shelf life and suitability. To Dolgorukaya products of this type include all types of meat corned beef, canned fish. For the military system of the country there is a reserve, the so-called strategic stock of food that does and has an unlimited shelf life.

But not all canned industrial production have a long shelf life. For example, the so-called preserves usable only at observance of necessary conditions – temperature during transportation and storage should be no higher than 0 ° C, and after packaging has been opened, they need to eat.

Sweet fruit canned foods also require compliance with the storage conditions – high temperature leads to darkening, the emergence of a metallic taste and deterioration and low leads to sugared.

How to identify the quality of canned

Attractive label and promotional labels on the canned goods is not a sign of their high quality and safety. Before you give preference to one or another form of such products on store shelves, you need to carefully read all labels and examine the package. Many unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers interrupt the period of shelf life and sell dangerous old canned under the guise of fresh.

Fresh quality canned food buyer will find the banks with smooth surfaces, not rumpled and not posolennym. The label also needs to be bright, the images and the inscriptions on it are clear and not blurry, easy to read. Any deviation from this Golden rule should cause distrust of the quality of the products.

The surface of cans or metal lids on glass containers should not be swollen – this is a clear indication that inside the package there are irreversible processes of decay and to eat those canned anymore.

Fans of the canned goods have to remember that these products with expired shelf life can cause not only poisoning, but also to death.