Shelf life of tea depends on the fulfillment of the requirements for the storage of goods. Some varieties are very sensitive to this. The room that holds loose tea, should be clean, well ventilated, and capacity - dry. Tea doesn't love a neighborhood with other foods, as it absorbs odors. In a damp location, the essential oils contained in tea, decompose, and it loses its main properties. This is especially true of the flavored varieties, such as peach or orange Oolong. The shelf life of tea - not more than 2 years.

If we talk about traditional varieties of black and green tea, the latter has a longer shelf life, since in its production the natural structure of the leaves is minimally processed. Black tea is not stored for more than 2 weeks at a humidity of 96%, for about six months at 65% humidity and in a dry room with 25% humidity for nine months. A damp tea takes on an earthy smell and lose their flavour.

Green tea in sealed tin, earthenware or crockery is stored for about a year. It is not necessary to package it in plastic bags, since in such a container it will quickly lose taste and smell. In paper bags green tea is stored for about six months.

The tea expired can not drink. This drink has lost all its useful properties and can cause severe food poisoning.


The shelf life of coffee depends on how well the grains were treated immediately after Assembly and in which the container was Packed. If all conditions have been met, the coffee beans may be stored for 5 years without losing its properties. Coffee, as tea is hygroscopic, i.e. absorbs odors and moisture, so the packaging of the product plays an important role in preserving the taste qualities of coffee. In a paper bag with sealed packages can be stored coffee about 2 weeks in foil - up to 3 months. Sealed packaging increases the safety of the grains up to 6 months.

Specialists recognize the best container for coffee vacuum packaging. It this product can be stored up to 3 years, although gourmets will never acquire coffee with the lapse of time more than a year. After opening the vacuum packaging, taste and aroma disappear after 10 days, but can be saved, by placing the contents in a glass jar with a tight lid and put in the fridge. There coffee can be stored for about a month. Roasted beans cannot be stored in the air, as they quickly oxidize and the taste deteriorates.

Terms and conditions natural ground coffee is approximately the same as grain. However, the crushed grains lose taste quality even faster. Therefore, even in a sealed bag coffee loses most of the properties during the year.