How to roll up cucumbers

The ideal choice for conservation will be cucumber varieties of "Gourmet", "Elegant", "Nizhyn", as well as the sort of "spring" and dlinnoplodnye cucumbers grown in the open ground. To roll up a jar of pickles for the winter, use the threefold method of hot filling.

Take the prepared three-liter jar, put on her bottom washed parsley, mint, horseradish, dill, celery leaf and black currant – all 10-15 grams. On top of the greens horizontally and vertically lay out some cucumbers, and on the top place a sprig of fresh dill with seeds (you can use fresh or the one that has shrunken). Then pour in the middle of the banks of the boiling water to the walls evenly warmed.
For home canning perfect freshly picked young cucumbers solid bright green color.

Immerse in boiling water the lid of the jar and gently pull it out with tweezers. Cover the jar scalded lid and wait a few minutes, then drain the water from the jar into the pan and again pour over cucumbers boiling water. Drain the water and put in a jar of 10 grams of horseradish and 3-5 garlic cloves. Make a marinade, adding water from the first filling 35 grams of sugar and 90 grams of salt. Boil the marinade for a few minutes and pour in a 100-150 grams of vinegar. Pour the cucumbers for the third time the hot brine to the top, close the lid and turn the jar upside down, leaving it to cool.

For how long are canned cucumbers

There is a difference between the shelf life of home and shop maintenance. Cucumbers purchased in the supermarket, can be stored for three years, but if a little vinegar, a three-year term shortened to two years. Buying store-bought cucumbers, correlate release date with the current date – last year's canned food is better not to use.
In any case, do not purchase swollen jar of pickled cucumbers – they are extremely hazardous to health.

Canned cucumbers homemade desirable to use in the course of the year, because long-term storage, they lose a lot of nutrients and become less safe for the body. Home preservation can develop botulinum toxin, which causes poisoning, often leading to death.

How many people send pickled vegetables grandma's, aunties and relatives from the villages? If you doubt the quality of the resulting blank, precipatate cucumbers for 10-15 minutes – all toxic substances in them is destroyed under the influence of high temperatures.