If you have purchased smoked fish in bulk, then pack it in a way isolated from the air. Because unpackaged fish quickly deteriorate unlike sealed, which in the refrigerator may be kept two or three months, depending on the type of Smoking.
Sealed smoked fish can not overheat. Storage temperature of smoked meats should not go beyond the range of 0-3°C. Smoked fish stored with observance of a temperature mode, kind of happy tight, the pieces are surrounded tightly with film, and not freely floating in their own juice. If smoked fish has been frozen, unopened vacuum Packed formed the juice, and the color of smoked fish becomes pale. If smoked fish lie down in the warm or simply in the sun, then it will be the same as when freezing.
In an effort to extend shelf life, do not use for deep freeze hot-smoked fish. It will worsen the taste and will change the characteristic smoked flavor.
Before buying a vacuum sealed smoked fish look carefully at the packaging and appearance of the product.
Do not store printed smoked fish in the fridge more than two days, because she will quickly lose the ability long time to remain.
Fresh fish, prepared independently in one of two ways - cold or hot smoked, keep no more than four days without refrigeration or in a cool place, according to the temperature regime, suitable for this method: for smoked for two months for cold - not more than three months.