The vast majority of calcium in the body of a person is contained in teeth and bones. The deficit in the period of intensive growth can lead to tragic consequences. But the posture and tooth decay — it is only a small part of the problems that can occur with insufficient intake of calcium in the body. Women over 50 years suffer from deficiency of this trace element, likely to develop osteoporosis — a disease in which increased bone fragility. Calcium is needed not only the skeletal system. Without it can not do any one cell in the human body. Of particular importance it has for the heart and blood vessels. Contributing to the excretion of the excess sodium, it helps regulate blood pressure, thus preventing the development of hypertension.Equally important, he and the Central nervous system. Improving the conduction of nerve impulses, calcium prevents the occurrence of seizures helps to monitor the behavior affects the work of all organs.Calcium influences blood coagulation. That is why its deficiency is dangerous for the occurrence of even minor bleeding (menstruation, removal of the tooth) and especially with serious injuries.Calcium is involved in metabolism, and therefore are necessary for normal functioning of the kidneys, adrenal glands, thyroid and digestive organs. In addition, it needs and the reproductive system. The process of growth and division of cells is impossible without its participation.Calcium-rich dairy products, berries from the garden, sunflower seeds, Kale, parsley and beans. A lot of it in eggs, especially in the shell. That is why it can be taken with calcium deficiency instead of pharmaceutical drugs.To absorb calcium, needed vitamin D. in the Summer it is produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight. And in the winter it can get seafood and egg yolk.