The period of regrowth of the eyebrows

Usually eyebrows will begin to grow after plucking, after four or five days, depending on genotype. On average, they grow about 1 millimeter (summer only faster, and in winter medlennee), but not all women are the proud owners of beautiful thick eyebrows, since many of them were done with my "extra" hair for many years, resulting in eyebrows markedly thinned and thinned. Wait, when plucked hair grow back, patience is not enough, and to have a luxurious sable eyebrows like right now – why beauticians provide a few tips for rapid "thickening" of this important element of women's faces. First, the eyebrows need daily care, thoroughly washing them with makeup, which destroys the structure of hair and prematurely ages them.

It is best to remove makeup with the eyebrows is olive oil, which strengthens their and moisturizing/nourishes the skin.

Also cosmetologists recommend daily combing the eyebrows to improve in their area of circulation, which, in turn, prostimulirujte hair growth. During shampooing the care of eyebrows involves the application to them of a small amount of conditioner or hair conditioner. This procedure will moisten them, protects from external influences and nourish with vitamins.

Accelerated growth of eyebrows

To speed up hair growth, it is desirable to take vitamins on the basis of calcium, and vitamins A and B. In the daily diet should include meat, fish, eggs, cheese, liver, butter and milk, which contain protein, required for good growth of the eyebrows. Tweeze the hairs regrow, even in the wrong places is not recommended – let them grow fully. The result of the eyebrows will begin to grow faster – from ten days to several weeks.

Coca-Cola and other sodas, and fast food consumed in the period of sprouting is strongly not recommended.

A very effective tool to accelerate the growth of eyebrows are masks with a variety of oils and broths. So, castor oil, applied overnight and improves the density and luster of the hair, peach oil stimulates growth and gives a darker shade, and a decoction of mint make eyebrows smooth and shiny. Perfectly helps and carrot juice mixed with a few drops of vitamin A – you need to soak this mixture in the puff and put them on the eyebrows. Hold 20 minutes the mask rinse with warm water. As a result, the growth of eyebrows significantly faster, and the quality of existing and growing hairs will improve noticeably.

These masks can be used to strengthen eyelashes, if you apply them with a clean mascara brush before bedtime.