Give yourself time to get used to the hairstyle and to understand objectively what you do not like. Changes in the haircut, too, require some time to become common to you.
Consult with a friend. If you understand what doesn't like the hair, find out his opinion. Ask him if the haircut you, and what he thinks about it.
Make sure that the attitude of the hair was formed the objective. You are honest with yourself and decided that you don't like. Then it's time to talk to your stylist. Politely but firmly explain what the problem is.
Take advantage of this situation by different means of styling, ie styling. Stylist can show you all the possible styling options for your new haircut. Most likely, any of them you are completely satisfied.
Try changing the direction of the parting; Curling, pulling, lifting at the roots; and already quite short hair put "needles" with wax.
Use your imagination and invent using a variety of pins, clips and hairbands new versions of your damaged hair.
Tweak a failed haircut with coloring, highlighting certain locks color.
Make a build, if you can't see yourself with short hair and don't want to wait quietly until, when the hair grows back to the required length. Despite the rumors, in this procedure nothing is detrimental to the hair. For several years, some popular people are building up their hair without any consequences.
Ask for help from another stylist who will be able to solve your problem and will be glad to acquire another client, if you still have not found mutual understanding with your stylist or not happy with the result.
Sign up in advance for a consultation and ask for recommendations next time to avoid trouble, and again, not to spoil his mood, not any haircut.
Take pictures of the haircuts that I wanted to get in the end.
Not agree to do hair, dyeing my hair, if you don't like it.
Pay attention to how react to cut around. If a friend criticized, but asked for a room stylist, and men poured compliments, the hair was bad for you because of your unwillingness to change.