You will need
  • the nail clippers
  • eye shadow eyebrow,
  • eyebrow pencil,
  • wax for eyebrows, tweezers
To trim eyebrows is easier than you think. And after the procedure, they will be much easier to "tame" gel or wax.
To begin, prepare the workplace. You should have enough space and light, you should be able to see what you are doing. Eyebrows grow slowly, and that after the haircut do not be afraid of their own reflection in the mirror, it is better to arrange everything in advance.
Determine the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. They should not be too thin and too wide, short and long.
The perfect eyebrow starts above the inside corner of your eye and ends above the end point of the cheekbones. The natural curve of the eyebrow is about 3/4 of its length.
The human face is asymmetric, so the shape of the eyebrows you will have at least slightly different. We should not seek to change the shape of the eyebrows is just correct her.
Once you have decided on the shape of the eyebrows, proceed to the haircut.
To do this, comb the hair on the eyebrows down. You will see how too long the hairs will go beyond the limits of the natural line of the eyebrows - they also need to cut off with scissors, very carefully.
Then repeat the procedure with the second eyebrow.

Then safesite the first eyebrow hairs up and over again otstegat too long tips.

Do the same with the second eyebrow.
By the way, if the shape of the eyebrows you are quite satisfied, but you can't cope with only topisomerase hairs in the nose, it is not necessary to trim the entire eyebrow. Cut only those hairs that get in the way.
With other "flaws" can be handled with tweezers.
After the haircut is complete, you can paint over the eyebrows with shadow or pencil to make the color more intense.
Cover with brow gel or wax to preserve their perfect shape.