You will need
  • mirror;
  • - tweezers;
  • pencil.
To change the shape of eyebrows you can own, at the expense of hair removal treatments or touch-UPS. For plucking hairs pick up a convenient pair of tweezers. In order to determine the correct form of the eyebrows, you will need a regular pencil. Apply it vertically along the nose. The point at which the pencil crosses your eyebrow, and will be only its beginning.
Then turn the pencil diagonally so that it passed through the pupil of the eye. Directly above it must be the upper point of the curve. The "swipe" another line from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Found the point of restraint with the eyebrow will be its end. In order to correct the shape of eyebrows, remove all the excess hairs, so it smoothly and gradually narrowed to the temple. And one more thing – the external tip of the eyebrow ideally should not be below domestic. In other words, the eyebrows should be slightly raised.
Remember that to remove the hairs using tweezers is possible only along the lower eyebrow line. But the hairs above the level of my eyebrows is not worth it. Experts do not recommend to do it, as the top hairs follicles are larger, they have a lot of pigment. Therefore, when removing hair, they will become more noticeable, that does not look too aesthetically pleasing. There is another reason: the first line of the eyebrows, the more they seem the eyes. This will make the look more expressive and attractive.
In the correction note on the shape of the face. For example, the chubby fit with slightlyraised eyebrows, slightly rounded at the ends. The owners of oval-shaped eyebrows should be smoother. Women with square face suitable long eyebrows in the form of a smooth arc, and a triangular face, not really raised and not too long eyebrows.
To the correction process had been less painful, for about 5-7 minutes before it started, put on eyebrow cotton pad, soaked it in hot water. You can also make a prior "freeze" with ice cube. And after treatments eyebrow correction make sure to clean the skin calming cream with chamomile or alcohol.