The most important in cervical osteochondrosis to ensure that the body position during sleep to the cervical spine is subjected to minimum load. The muscles of the neck should also be relaxed. During a night of rest the body must be in a physiological position. It is recommended to buy a bed with a rigid base or an elastic mattress. The mattress should be selected individually depending on the size and weight of a man: the complete people need tougher and thin – softer. The most practical mattress — latex, two planes which have different degrees of softness.

Equally important is the pillow upon which you sleep. It should be small and not very soft to support the head and neck. Form pillows should be standard — square or rectangular. If you have identified violations of cerebral circulation due to cervical degenerative disc disease, get high, and severe orthopedic pillow. It is quite expensive, but thanks to her head and neck are guaranteed to be in the correct position. Orthopedic pillows have different shapes and degrees of hardness. Pick them up individually, depending on the posture in which you used to sleep. If you prefer to sleep on your side, then it must be a hard cushion with a special cushion in the neck which helps to relax the muscles and ensure the normal cerebral blood flow. If you sleep on your back, the pillow should be standard, and the rigidity is moderate. If you sleep on your stomach, you need soft little pillow.

Poses for sleep

The most dangerous position to sleep in cervical osteochondrosis, particularly in the presence of a protrusion or in the acute stage of the disease, this posture on the stomach, when the head is turned to one side and slightly cocked upwards. In this position there is a compression of the blood vessels; the brain is badly washed by the blood; increased blood pressure. Experts recommend to get rid of the habit to sleep on my stomach in the initial stages of development of osteochondrosis. It is possible to sew pajama pocket in the center of the chest and put in a tennis ball. Every time you turn during sleep on the stomach, the ball will compress the breast, causing it to roll over on its side. If you cope with a chronic habit does not work, then learn how to sleep, placing a flat pillow in the chest.

The most preferred position for sleeping is on your side and back. Ensure that while sleeping on the pillow were his head and neck. Shoulders should be level with the body. This creates the most natural geometry, contributing to the normal flow of blood.