Osteochondrosis chondrosis or, as it is often called, is a degenerative disease of cartilage disks between the vertebrate, in which there is thinning of cartilage between the vertebrae. This leads to the fact that the vertebrae pinch the nerve roots extending from the spinal cord. This leads to pain, numbness of certain areas of the body and a disruption in the internal organs. It is extremely important to prevent the development of this disease and not to start the process.
Development androsa contributes to flat feet, in which there is no sufficient shock absorption when walking and running, lack of exercise, bad posture, not the usual symmetrical poses, wearing the bag on one shoulder, as well as metabolic diseases, hormonal dysfunction or disease, leading to impaired nutrition of the cartilage tissue.
To prevent osteochondrosis important physical activity and monitoring the correct posture. Replace a mattress more rigid. On a soft mattress is a violation of blood supply to the cartilage due to excessive warming and a wrong position.
Use a series of exercises to strengthen back muscles and improve the nutrition of cartilage between the vertebrae. The most important in the treatment and prevention of osteo -chondrosis is proper posture and a number of gymnastic exercises.
To improve blood circulation and relieve pain with chondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine will help the following exercise:Close your hands into the lock in front of chest, try to get blades, take a deep breath. Exhaling, stretch your arms forward, turning them to the castle, with palms outward, spread the blades as far as possible, try to close the shoulder in front of your chest.
Push down on the forehead with the palms of the hands and give them resistance, straining the muscles of the neck. Repeat the same thing, pushing on the nape and temples.
Turn your head to the left and push the chin in the palm of his right hand, adding the amplitude of the rotation.
Tilt your head down to his chest, trying to reach her chin. Put closed in the lock hands on the back of the head and a little pressure.
Relief when chondrosis in the lumbar will provide the following exercise:Rotate the torso to the right and to the left at a fixed position of the pelvis and legs.
Grasp the bar and bend at front.
Do forward bends with straight knees.Remember that all movements should be performed slowly and without jerks.